#ThrowbackThursday - Bobby Root's 70MPH Manual 11

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#ThrowbackThursday - Bobby Root's 70MPH Manual - bturman - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Love the dead bee.

Credit: NWD1
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  • pgore

    2/28/2013 8:50 PM

    Fuck yeah - one of my favorite seggys !

  • thebyker

    2/28/2013 5:57 PM

    Pretty sure that was filmed on the big island, hawaii. Cool stuff. I wish my VHS copies didn't get ruined. I need to watch ride to the hills so bad. VHS machine ate it a few years ago.

  • csermonet

    2/28/2013 1:54 PM

    the video that started it all for me. Found it randomly at a local music/dvd store for $2.50 a couple years ago. Easiest money i've ever spent

  • Willis

    2/28/2013 1:38 PM

    I remember watching this back in the day. Damn the NWD movies were great.... so was Kranked.

  • neimbc

    2/28/2013 9:55 AM

    i must have watched this video over and over - classic

  • Primoz

    2/28/2013 8:55 AM

    Well Root for one is part of the Rose Bikes development team.

  • KHSFactoryRacing

    2/28/2013 8:32 AM


  • canadmos

    2/28/2013 7:51 AM

    Sweet! I love these!

    It'd be interesting to find some of these 'older' riders and to see if they are still shredding it.

  • nospode

    2/28/2013 7:47 AM

    Damn Spomes, now I'm gonna have to find a VHS player...

  • 970biking

    2/28/2013 7:29 AM

    Yes!! I remember thinking this was sooo epic back in the day!

  • lonelyplanetrider

    2/28/2013 2:17 PM

    It still is, isn't it?

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