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Casey has been helping all week to build the course, through the week I could tell he was itching to ride and after seeing him ride the last few days you could tell he had alot of riding inside of him waiting to come out! Numerous times in the day did I hear him being told " The competition isnt till tomorrow!"

Credit: Joshua Kern
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A.T's Showdown 2010 Friday Practice

  • C48_91500940_1289017431
  • C48_93164370_1289016576
  • C48_92848160_1289016504
  • C48_93316620_1289017603
  • C48_94867360_1289016886
  • C48_134560010_1289016204
  • C48_92269320_1289017704
  • C48_92273410_1289016267
  • C48_92540990_1289017193
  • C48_134503170_1289017904
  • C48_92020170_1289017791
  • C48_92386710_1289017328
  • C48_91583510_1289017263
  • C48_91685550_1289017066
  • C48_91592970_1289016986
  • C48_91794250_1289017511
  • C48_92750670_1289016754
  • C48_92530720_1289016669
  • C48_91848560_1289016395
  • S_Bellicitti

    11/6/2010 12:11 AM

    Awesome angle man!

  • JBrantley

    11/5/2010 10:41 PM

    Thats the angle!

  • Pip3r

    11/5/2010 9:57 PM


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