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Prototype Orange DH Frame (322) - bturman - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

This new Orange DH frame (likely called the 322) features a 1.5" headtube, slimmer tubing, a lower pivot than previous generations of the 224, and a new location to mount the front of the shock.

The MTBcut race team, will race these frame in the 2011 World Cups.

Credit: Orange's Twitter Feed
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2012 Prototypes and Sneak Peaks

  • C48_256634_118658611553982_100002295311482_171624_1787320_o
  • C48_266560_118671334886043_100002295311482_171721_5500656_o
  • C48_326647502
  • C48_2x
  • C48_243195_222216811141147_169755353053960_824392_6620821_o
  • C48_8rbf
  • C48_255122_10150309968268906_47883628905_9558536_5603173_n
  • C48_247520_10150310062478906_47883628905_9559804_3924398_n
  • C48_screen_shot_2011_05_27_at_5.46.52_pm
  • C48_screen_shot_2011_05_26_at_4.37.44_pm
  • C48_199032_10150170390735589_129255685588_8695860_2011789_n
  • C48_yadq4
  • C48_proto_frame
  • C48_189824_10150109704946167_53663356166_6936590_2285340_n
  • C48_192927_10150102258436167_53663356166_6874066_5807458_o
  • C48_194089_10150102441916167_53663356166_6875311_2656600_o
  • C48_191841_10150101564211167_53663356166_6868678_6682906_o
  • C48_dscf7185
  • C48_8yis.jpg.gif
  • C48_181647_10150090516020326_9236275325_6428244_7952895_n
  • C48_p4pb6164700
  • C48_p4pb6165470
  • C48_180258_10150096242203536_196811798535_6204799_6064279_n
  • C48_180526_10150129017728255_18565508254_7650625_2405974_n
  • Storge

    3/9/2011 3:07 PM

    @ Kusa: to make the travel more progressive for a change

  • NoahColorado

    3/9/2011 2:06 PM

    Orange is def. not known for being trendy. From what I've heard the new shock and pivot locations yield the performance they were looking for without going to the linkage setup they've been trying the past few years.

  • Kusa

    3/9/2011 12:23 PM

    It would be really interesting if they gain anything instead of just a trendy look (i like it anyway). I mean is there any info why they make it this way instead of typical shock mounts on lower tube?

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