Vital Capture - Gary Perkin, Globetrotting 5

<b>This was supposed to be a look at my off-season but seems there wasn't one. From family time to early AM road rides, to moto shuttles, to airport lounges, helicopters to roller coasters, coffee to Pisco sours - it's been a rad few months. Photos by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>December 2013 - the U.S. premiere of Won't Back Down. Clay Porter and and John Lawlor raising the bar once again. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Then it was off for a quick shoot for the Santa Cruz Bicycles Jackal with Josh Bryceland and Logan Peat. Talk about a laugh! Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>A hop over to New Zealand for Juliana Bicycles and into a world of sheer beauty with the most amazing trails! I was so stoked to get down there and can't wait to go back. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>We sure had some characters on the Juliana Bicycles trip. The are all true individuals and rad riders. Harriet Harper here pushed Sven's riding to new levels. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>After the sun set on the New Zealand trip it was off Chile - do not pass home, do not collect $200. Next stop Andes Pacifico! Photos by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Straight into racing at the Andes Pacifico and it was obvious the lunar landscape was gnarly to ride. Looks easy from above, but trust me it isn't. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>The Dark Cloud Crew - What a group to hang with for the epic days of Andes Pacifico. High Fives and #hashtags. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Fast forward to recon time for the upcoming Nomad video with Cut Media's, Stu Thomson and Scott Marshall. La Parva, Chile with Mary-Anne Hunter under mad skies. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>After Chris Johnston busted himself on the Andes Pacfico, Iago Garay stepped in to shoot the Nomad with Dylan Wolsky. Seems to have worked out. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Dylan & Iago rode some massive lines way up high in La Parva. Horses and helicopters, too because it's enduro bro. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Chile, and especially La Parva, sure put on a show at sunset for us every evening. This was the last for my first trip there this year. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>From vegetarians in meat-feast mode, to the end of Andes Pacifico and onto the Nomad shoot...Chile sure provided. Now it was back home to family. Molly's birthday, more packing and onto the Cape Epic. Photos by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>For my first week at home I shot for 5 of those day on races like the Cycle Tour, a mass start race around Cape Town with about 35,000 cyclist. The scenery makes it worth it. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>But the staple of my March for the last 11-years has been the Cape Epic. Yes it's marathon/xc racing, but 8 days in a helicopter with 1200 riders to shoot all day sure makes photo sense. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>The early morning light displays were amplified this year on the Cape Epic. The stormy, misty and moody mornings made helicopter shooting a little tricky.</b>

<b>For some shots it's just all about timing, or seeing a puddle from way up high and hoping a rider would hit it. Cherise Stander obliges. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>The finish of Stage 2 of the Cape Epic was a portrait shooter's dream. I think I shot more there than any finish line for years. Bromont in 2009 might be a close 2nd. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>Early morning starts sure do provide the goods. I think by this point, I had shot sunrises for 3 weeks straight. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>


<b>And just like that, 8 days of 18 hour days, living out the back of the FunBus, and it's cheers for the memories and onto the next trip. Santa Cruz and Sea Otter for less than a week, then back to Chile - jajajaja! Photos by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>First order of business in Norcal was press trips for the new Santa Cruz Nomad...and some epic light while we played up in the woods. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>It was so good to revisit the Andes Pacifico trails. At least I had an idea on how to ride them and not feel like a gooner. This was the last stage of the last day of AP. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>I met Ryan Palmer of Bike Magazine way back in 2007 when he was a wrench on the World Cup circuit. It's always good to catch up on the trails. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>It's fair to say Nevados de Chillan blew me away as a photographer. Everywhere you looked there was shot after shot. I will be back! Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>The combination of fall colors, snow-capped volcanoes, good mates like Anka Martin here and hero dirt made the Enduro World Series an amazing event to shoot and ride. What a weekend! Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>So a day and half after getting home from Chile, it was back on the road - for family time and leaving internets behind - and in the case here - electricity, too. Ironic that it's where I personally recharge. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

<b>And who knows what sunset we're going to ride into next .. Karen Dallimore in Louvain, Langkloof, May 2014. Photo by Gary Perkin</b>

One of mountain biking's most established and soulful photographers, Gary Perkin, sheds some light on how he raced the light over the last few months. From 3 weeks of shooting sunrises to hanging out of a helicopter, it's all part of the constant commitment to the capture. We're honored to have Gary as part of the Vital / ACRE Capture series.

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  • sideshow

    5/19/2014 9:31 AM

    That mud portrait is sublime. Super slideshow.

  • madproductions

    5/18/2014 12:07 PM

    Truly amazing Gary ! Loved it !

  • Joe_Graney

    5/16/2014 7:21 PM

    terramoto shot FTW

  • Sven Martin

    5/16/2014 2:34 PM

    what a show... Three weeks of sunrises... thats dedication right there especially when you are southern hemi based and those wake upas are EARLY. Iago possibly shot of the year, at least in pure eft yeah factor!

  • davetrumpore

    5/16/2014 1:31 PM

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing, Gary.

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