Vital Capture - Duncan Philpott's Off-Season Adventures 3

<b>The official start of my off-season! Jerome Clementz celebrating in style, wrapping up the first season of the Enduro World Series as the man on top.</b>

<b>Ok, so this shot may be a bit chronologically challenged as it took place before slide 1. However, Red Bull Rampage has become a solid feature of our season as we watch in a climate that is the total opposite of Virgin, Utah. In the audio you here the University of Sheffield’s cycling club’s reaction to Zink flipping the Oakley sender.</b>

<b>Sneaking some skinny rubber into Vital. Despite having graduated from university, I still have strong ties with the riders there and came aboard to support their effort in cycling from Sheffield to Edinburgh, nonstop for charity.</b>

<b>This is pretty much how that whole trip felt.</b>

<b>When you’re not at the races every weekend, there’s time to just go for walks with the camera. The Peak District is right on Sheffield’s doorstep and is widely used by all outdoor pursuits!</b>

<b>From walks to rides (and not as many as I’d hoped for). Lots and lots of wind and relentless rain yielded the wettest winter on record here. This was one of the few mornings where it was cold enough to get out on the mountain bike without sinking into feet of mud.</b>

<b>While the frequency of day-to-day rides took a hit, our insatiable appetite to race dual slalom didn’t. Come rain or...mostly rain (I hope there isn’t a theme occurring here), we were out in the night getting sideways.</b>

<b>UK and California bikes seem a pretty common combination here, although I reckon one is more used to the mud than the other.</b>

<b>Peaty and Mr. Hawden on the hilltop dual track battling headwinds nearly 50mph once the rain had died down. This is the only track we get to race that isn’t flat corners.</b>

<b>Come day time, the crowds get a little bigger! Two months down the rain and we’ve had a dry week. The wind hasn’t died down much though and everything’s dried out a treat. There was probably more crashing and more injuries on the unfamiliar hardpack.</b>

<b>Dicking around v2.0. Craig Evans sending it on the long jump. 1-foot kicker to infinity and beyond!</b>

<b>In the event that Joe Bowman and I get a coinciding free weekend, it's best spent trying to tick of the long list of locations and ideas we’ve brewed over the years. Brendawg wouldn't do the canyon gap.</b>

<b>Away from the bikes and deep in the city. Sheffield houses talent that stretches beyond two wheels. A bit of Urbex in some of the abandoned factories from Sheffield’s deep industrial past always yields “graffiti” gold.</b>

<b>Oh, uh yeah. It's wet in here too. #rain</b>

<b>So this one’s from the summer while Clay Porter and John Lawlor were filming Steve Peat for the intro segment of Won't Back Down. It wouldn’t be a Vital slideshow if I didn’t sneak a pan in!</b>

<b>Studio sessions with Peaty are always fun and nothing makes it run more smoothly than a few pints of Stella.</b>

<b>Peaty and Rob Warner on stage at the WBD premiere. The topic is guaranteed to be nearly unrepeatable.</b>

<b>A one-off brew for the evening from Magic Rock just to make things extra special!</b>

<b>Yea bud. What’s up my man. Clay Porter stoked on the Won’t Back Down global premiere in Sheffield.</b>

<b>We’re in Spain now and there's dust! I don’t even care if it's breaking my camera, I pretty much wanted to roll around in the stuff. While the locals are wearing scarfs and coats, Joe and myself were on the shorts and T-shirt program in the blazing 15 degree heat.</b>

<b>Pure racer style. Ivan Oulego (pictured), his brother, Alex and dad, Luis played host to us in Spain. Tapas, beers and good times for all!</b>

<b>While staying near Barcelona we got to sample a few of the local tracks. Flat out and loose, they made for great filming.</b>

<b>Wandering around the city with time on our hands makes a difference. It's in contrast to our summer schedule where everything can feel like such a rush.</b>

<b>Pinned Peaty while filming for the first episode of This is Peaty, out in spain. We reckon his style is maturing like a fine wine.</b>

<b>San Andreu, the town of the race we attended, glowing in the early morning light. </b>

<b>From the industrial hills of Spain to the cement works in the heart of the Peak District.</b>

<b>We (Steel City Media) always enjoy approaching our commercial product shoots with a good deal of thought, trying to make something entertaining, and not just because of the riding. Here we're packing the emotion on a productive morning’s shoot, with Joe Bowman filming, of course.</b>

<b>But then we always have time for fisheye action with pans and zooms, throwing that rule book right out the door.</b>

<b>Our 26 Ain’t Dead video was quite a hit just before Christmas. Keep an eye out for the rider, Craig Evans, trying to battle his way onto the World Cup scene this season. #pointshunt</b>

<b>Around all the previous slides there’s sometimes a moment available to go through photos from the summer that you never had the chanceuse. Here’s a sequence shot during my Deep Summer which got overlooked and provided some winter stoke instead.</b>

<b>Continuing the winter stoke, Craig Evans getting rowdy and flexing.</b>

<b>Winter is a time to experiment with some techniques which could be used during the summer. In this case, using black filters to create minute-long exposures during the day time.</b>

<b>I'll end with the most recent photo I took, just earlier today. The trails were dry and summer appears to be on its way with racing right around the corner.</b>

Hailing from the land of Steve Peat, Duncan Philpott is a reserved, calculated person who threw himself into his photography at a young age. Fresh out of college (or university, as he'd say), the lanky Brit has been cutting his teeth on the World Cup downhill circuit for the last few years under Sven Martin's tutelage, coming into his own as one of our sport's top lensmen. His patient eye searches for unique angles and we reap the benefits through his imagery. Sit back and enjoy this Vital Capture, shedding light on some of mountain biking's most influencial photographers.

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  • Hittheshowers13

    4/2/2014 7:14 PM

    Perfect music choice for a great slideshow. Getting so pumped for race season.

  • Yuroshek

    3/31/2014 8:46 PM

    Great photos Duncan! Looking forward to seeing more of your work this year and possibly meeting you too.

  • Pininator

    3/31/2014 8:08 PM

    Cool stuff...thanks for sharing!!

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