The Triple DHip Experience 6

If you don't jump the triple like Heath in the previous photo, this is the result!

Ripping the rock roll on Cheez-it for the Avid Chainless Challenge.

Conditions for Stage 1 were primo.

Stranger's Ewok Woods.

Jackie Harmony, whooping it up.

Mick squashing the finish jump on Stage 3. He won the stage and went into 2nd for the overall.

Two different riders, two different lines. Greg Minnaar and Mike Sylvestri finishing the Avid Chainless Challenge.

Mitch Ropelato letting his wheels do the talking on Drifter rocks.

What a difference a line makes. Stoked grom beginner followed by experienced professionals, Neethling and Riffle.

Brendan Newton in the Stranger steps.

337, I couldn't find you on the results page. Chime in and let us know who you are! Shredding Stranger rocks.

Dustin Fodray MOTO!

Giddy up, Giddy up, 409. Tyler Krenek making the groms look good.

The grom class had no shortage of talent and speed. Tyler Spence is proof.

Rider against the mountain, the essence of downhill. Cody Smith, solitude.

Cheez-it rocks. Bryan Pagel agrees.

Nik Dommen keeps the momentum for the Avid Chainless Challenge, Stage 2 of the Triple DHip.

Cheez-it's rock roll in. 550, let us know who you are!

Brad Benedict on Lemonade, dreaming of hair care products.

Andrew Neethling describing the awesome trail that is Drifter to Lemonade, the course for Stage 3.

Local Fox Head, Knolly, Burgtec and SDG rep, Mike Blackmore, taking time away from the sales pitch and getting into the mountain's pitch.

Mike Blackmore's custom decals.

No chain, no pain...just keep your momentum up and your lines smart during Stage 2, the Avid Chainless Challenge.

Chris Boice, holding it together in the Avid Chainless Challenge.

Lemonade's big drop.

Yeti owner, Chris Conroy and Yeti camera man, John Reynolds, help me with my focus.

Duncan Riffle railing it in Stage 1 and describing what it's like to tag along with Minnaar and Neethling.

Yeti's, Dave Ziegman, aboard his prototype SB-66. Unfortunately Dave konked his melon pretty good at Angel Fire a couple weeks before and couldn't race.

Welcome to the SolVista Bike Park for the 2011 Triple DHip, presented by the town of Granby. Professionals chased the $25,000 pro purse and amateurs fought for their share of nearly $30,000 in prizes provided by SRAM!

Greg Minnaar in audio.

Flower power. The wild flowers were going nuts all weekend!

Gene Hamiltion of feeling the blur of the whoops.

Greg Minnaar was the overall winner and went home $7600 richer.

Grom winner, Colin Hudson, owner of a brand new RockShox BoXXer World Cup Keronite for his first place finish overall.

Chris Heath, no stranger to speed. Unfortunately, his Stage 1 run was a disaster and he was in last place, chasing too many seconds for a solid overall finish.

Mojo rider testing out his I9 wheels on the rock-armored section at near the finish of Stage 3.

Jackie Harmony, 2nd in the women's Pro class, right at home railing corners.

JD Swanguen injured his shoulder and took to the cameras for Stage 3.

Jill Kintner and all the racers had their hands full, trying to learn 3 tracks for the 3 different stages.

Joey Schusler, rallying.

Joey Schusler knows how to keep things clean.

A little dirt never hurt.

Mike Kreger, emcee extraordinaire. He seems to know every fact about every rider, local and pro alike.

Logan Binggeli with a strong overall finish this weekend.

Matt Ripley, taking the inside line.

Jason Memmelaar alone with his thoughts during Stage 1.

Duke Hannah gets used to the top of the box...some place he'll probably be sooner than we think.

Greg Minnaar and Mitch Ropelato goofing around on Silky Johnson. They figured they could make this ludicrous double. WRONG!

Greg Minnaar, figuring out the best line in Drifter rocks.

Mihai Moga, Chief Executive Officer of sticker placement.

Mojo rider singletrack shredding.

There was mulch a-plenty, you just had to know where to look.

Noah Sears, living the good life.

'Orange Turner Guy' hauled all weekend and handles the Stranger steps without a hitch.

Phil Wheeler, dwarfed by Lemonade's berms.

Pack Phil getting even more pub.

EPMD, Evan Powell Mashing Dirt.

Rut's eye view.


Mike Sylvestri schralping Vivid Air.

Greg Minnaar said it, Mikey Sylvestri won Stage 1 fair and square as he put a hurt on the World Cup pros in attendance. Mikey was stoked all weekend and even camped the entire time. YEAH MIKEY!

If you had fun at the Triple DHip, thank Matt Thompson, Steve Wentz and Mihai Moga. I know I had fun. THANKS GUYS!

YAY! Co. had some sick flare to make sure you met your 37-piece quota.

The Hannah Clannah.

Cassette tape or iPod? Don't know, won't tell.

Video by JD Swanguen.

Video by JD Swanguen.

Enjoy the sights and sounds from the 2011 Triple DHip, presented by SRAM. The SolVista Bike Park hosted a 3-stage DH race and the town of Granby, Colorado provided a $25,000 cash purse! Greg Minnaar won the men's overall, netting $7600 and Jill Kintner swept the women's fields earning $2000.
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  • Mike_Doucette

    6/27/2011 8:33 PM

    very nice

  • Matt_Cooper

    6/26/2011 10:11 PM

    do you have more pictures? like ones that werent good enough to make the slide show

  • Pat...

    6/24/2011 4:42 PM

    That section on drifter is soo fun.

  • tmx

    6/24/2011 1:20 PM

    You gots ta chilllllll.

  • FlyingIrish

    6/24/2011 11:55 AM

    sick coverage!!!

  • jptree

    6/24/2011 7:25 AM

    Great event!!!!!

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