#ThrowbackThursday: Rob Bauer's 2001 Chumba Wumba Zulu 5

<b>Somewhere among the heaps of used tires, beat up road bikes, and 1980's fluorescent apparel at an Arizona bike swap, this gem appeared - a 2001 Chumba Wumba Zulu.</b>

<b>The bike's owner, Rob Bauer, has seen it all during his time as a rider. This was his race bike in 2001 as he traveled across the states racing the once popular NORBA Nationals.</b>

<b>Custom paint with an attitude. Perfectly befitting of an early downhill race rig.</b>

<b>Chumba's founder, Ted Tanouye, got his start in the back of a shop in Fullerton, California. The Zulu was the first foray into the downhill market, and was raced by the likes of Lisa Sher, Duncan Riffle, Lars Tribus, Shaums March, and Pistol Pete Loncarevich.</b>

<b>Did you know that Mr. Dirt made forks? This inverted FAT Triple Bypass is outfitted with carbon fiber guards and a 17mm hub. Top of the line at the time.</b>

<b>Bob Barnett, "Mr. Dirt" himself, was creating DH specific bits before most people realized DH was a separate entity.</b>

<b>First introduced in 1988 for road bikes, SRAM's Grip Shift was once widely used by downhill racers.</b>

<b>One of the biggest highlights on Rob's build is this famous "Woody" SRAM ESP 9.0SL rear derailleur. At one point Cannondale made a complete bike in wood-grain finish to perfectly complement it.</b>

<b>This Zulu used the original ISCG standard, co-developed in 1999 by Mr. Dirt and MRP. Rob also ran the Shimano DX SPD pedals, which are to this day some of the best they ever made.</b>

<b>Another classic, these 8-inch G1 Purple Hayes disc brakes use a unique 22 mm caliper mount.</b>

<b>Rob went all out with this build, including custom gold anodizing on the floating brake arm and suspension linkage.</b>

<b>Nokian Gazzoloddis, Sun Ringle Double Wides, and massive HED rims. Those were the days...</b>

<b>SDG's current owner, Tyler Anspach, was just starting as an intern when this saddle was made for Rob's teammate, Wayne Belger.</b>

<b>She still rides like a dream, skinny bars and all.</b>

<b>After a handful of years in the shed, Rob has decided it's time to pass this piece of history to new hands. With some luck o' the Irish, <a href="http://tucson.craigslist.org/bik/3381819005.html" target="_blank">it could even be yours</a>.</b>

<b>Rob even has the jersey to match... That's a wrap! We'll catch you again next #ThrowbackThursday.</b>

On a casual Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, we stumbled upon the bike that started it all for Chumba Racing...
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  • Howse

    11/16/2012 2:46 PM

    AND an Azonic DS-1?????

  • Nikolias

    11/15/2012 9:58 PM

    Ha, I still have some of those pedals on my Enduro Bike....

  • Krispy

    11/15/2012 4:14 PM

    Ahh, so cool. I recall switching from HED rims to Double Wides. hehe.

  • pdr77

    11/15/2012 11:07 AM

    Back in the day when Hayes were king.

  • mp

    11/15/2012 11:03 AM

    Wow, I just had crazy waves of nostalgia. particularly when he mentioned how fun it was that he had to take a couple more runs. I remember that feeling very well from my first dh bike. I had to repeat things because they were so much fun and I couldn't wait to get some runs in. Need to get that feeling back!

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