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Steven's Pass Bike Park Grand Opening 5

7 years in the making, Stevens Pass Bike Park opens the lifts to mountain bikes. The man behind the operations, Joel Martinez, discusses the vision and challenges.

A dedicated crew led by Joel worked with the Forest Service and Gravity Logic to make the dream a reality in the PNW.

Joel Martinez watches as riders finally sample the newly-opened trails.

When push came to shove, the crew got the bike park open amidst adverse weather.

The resort was estimating 250 or so riders would show up for the grand opening but Saturday had 400 and Sunday had 400+.

Were the downhillers in the PNW ready for a lift-assisted bike park? What do you think?

This posse from Portland wasn't afraid of a little weather.

Josh the Wookie, making things happen.

Despite the turnout, it was easy to find solitude.

Champery? Nope, Stevens Pass.

Slingshot Wookie is the black diamond DH trail. It's filled with berms, drops and tons of transitions to pop into and out of. There are a couple super fun rock gardens and plenty of lines to learn.

Rock Crusher is the wide, blue, jump trail that's really similar to something like Crank It Up at Whistler. When it's dry the trail will be super fast and fun.

As unknown riders get their slip-n-slide on, Jeremy Salto describes his day in the audio.

These signs have been waiting for their day in the sun (or rain) for the last 7 years!

Two trails were open with plenty more in the works for the future.

Jerry Knight of Big Tree Bikes gets in the zone.

Slingshot trail has a name for a reason.

Billy Lewis railing the fresh trails.

There are plenty of new trails in the queue for the future.

Smiles for miles.

The park will be open for one last weekend, October 8-9, so get some before the snow falls!

The Diamondback crew had a splendid time at the Stevens Pass opening.

The Pacific Northwest rejoices as Stevens Pass opens its long-awaited bike park.