Robo Cop's E-Bike 3

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Robo Cop's E-Bike - Random, Wacky, and Weird from Interbike 2012  - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

You're going to need that motor to pedal around the 3.0-inch wide Duro tires.

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Random, Wacky, and Weird from Interbike 2012

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  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_035
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_003
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  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_131
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_063
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_064
  • C48_bt_20120918_untitled_shoot_041
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_134
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_175
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_005
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_013
  • C48_long_bike
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_046
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_020
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_037
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_091
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_096
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_141
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_062
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_051
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_159
  • C48_dual_chain
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_180

    2/13/2013 11:39 AM

    That's a Big Boy Toy!!

  • Studson

    9/23/2012 4:25 PM

    I need that! Who sells it?!

  • quietrush

    9/23/2012 7:27 PM

    If you're Australian based, we do ( Otherwise, take a look at the distributors map at The White bike here is Ronnie Renners Stealth Bomber, with the Suntour VBoxx fitted. They're easier to pedal than they look in the flesh - but remember that this is also a 50kg bike, with the Hub motor and battery pack making up a fair bit of that weight.

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