Mini Trials Moto Bike 1

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Mini Trials Moto Bike - Random, Wacky, and Weird from Interbike 2012  - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Just another way for the super groms to show us up.

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Random, Wacky, and Weird from Interbike 2012

  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_004
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_048
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_035
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_003
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_032
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_033
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_061
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_093
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_131
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_063
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_064
  • C48_bt_20120918_untitled_shoot_041
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_134
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_175
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_005
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_013
  • C48_long_bike
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_046
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_020
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_037
  • C48_bt_20120920_untitled_shoot_091
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_096
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_141
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_062
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_051
  • C48_bt_20120919_untitled_shoot_159
  • C48_dual_chain
  • C48_bt_20120921_untitled_shoot_180
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  • quietrush

    9/23/2012 7:31 PM

    These things are great. I had my 5 and 7 y.o. take their first ride on one whilst demonstrating at Hunter Electric Vehicle Festival in Australia ( The guys running the stand had a constant stream of kids wanting to give them a go. Variable power output that the parents can control to keep pace with the kids skills development. I'd still prefer to see mine starting on skills without power, but these make a good option to step up to..

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