RUNNING WILD: Mont Sainte Anne Downhill Qualifying Slideshow 2

<b>Stevie was insanely fast through this rock section, where many struggled. Times are close and races can be won and lost in sections like this, but he's on top after qualifying.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>"Write a Danny Caption because I'm tired." Ok, Sven, here ya go. Danny Hart f'ing rules and with a 2nd place qualifier, he makes it tough for us not to root for him! -gordo</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Sam Blenkinsop with another good qualifier here today in 3rd place. He has looked quick all week and will be hoping to finish better than he did in Andorra.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Danny and Blenkinsop on the hip.</b> -Tim Lake

<b>After watching lots of Dirt TV Brendog clips, Rachel is practicing keeping her front wheel high at all times. #pencil</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Ragot was 0.8 off Rachel in qualifying. This is the tightest the girls have been this season and the reason gordo picked Ragot in his Vital OTB prediction!</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>World Cup racing is all about inches and milliiseconds as Aaron Gwin demonstrates here. 4th place and back to form on the results sheet.</b> -@maddogboris gets 13 beers

<b>Another consistent quailifying run for Greg Minnaar in 5th, With a less-than-perfect run, 3.1-seconds off Stevie should make for a rad race day.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>In honor of Shark Week, Eddie Masters thought he would run the Shark fin on his TLD lid. UCI commissaries weren't too impressed and the fin is banned for finals. Soup anyone?</b> -Sven Martin

<b>It's Shark Week and Western Australia is Australia's leading shark attack state. Aussies love sharks and sharks love Aussies. In other news Mitch took out a top 20 in qualifying. #sharkweek</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Sam and Joe out for an XC ride this morning during *women and weapons* practice. Lines in the last rocky sections are the topic of conversation. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>Sam Hill has been his usual self in practice; super calculated and observant, only 3.8 seconds back. So close, yet so far. Remember, he earned a World Championship on this track just a couple years back.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Brook McDonald had a massive crash in his last practice run. An chilled-out qualifier put the Trek World Racing rider in 11th.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Bulldog smash</b> -Tim Lake

<b>Brendog drift</b> -Tim Lake

<b>Troy Brosnan in the mist that plagued the riders most of the day today.</b> -@maddogboris gets 11 beers

<b>Mick Hannah can dominate any track that he chooses. Gapping and doubling where others are struggling. 7th place in qualifying.</b> -@maddogboris gets 12 beers

<b>Aussie Dave McMillian is clearly having fun railing the ruts of MSA. </b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Man down! Richie Rude dove head first into his quail run, which didn't work out too well for him. He's still the man to beat in the Juniors come World Champs in a few weeks.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Loic Bruni may be new to racing as an Elite at the World Cups, but his times are comparable to seasoned veterans. 8th place in qualifying.</b> -@maddogboris gets 69 beers

<b>Gee had a pretty big crash on one of the fastest, roughest corners of the track. Can he keep it together for finals?</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Gee keeping cool under the hot and humid conditions. He went down on a fast right hander during his qualifier leaving him 18th place. How many seconds were lost? No one really knows and it's the least of his concerns.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Manon Carpenter was 3rd in qualifying but with a crash in the slab rocks that could have cost her 5-10 seconds. Predicting the women's race is going to be just as tricky as the men's.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Aaron Gwin looking ready for Worlds in the Red White and Blue.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Angus Maddern from Australia scrubbing into the finish line.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>A Canadian World Cup slideshow wouldn't be complete without a picture of Micayla Gatto's ass. A front flat will have her starting first tomorrow. #stokedhotseat</b> -Sven Martin

<b>The Spanish Evil Vengeance guys have been tearing it up all year. MSA is no different.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Nick Beer all wild eyed, only 6-seconds back. Good effort for the Swiss pinner.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Ruaridh Cunningham back from an injury and into the finals.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Matt Simmonds in the woods to a 14th place qualifier</b> -Tim Lake

<b>It's all going on in the Atherton pits here. Tubeless seating and Rachel's warm up.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>The fastest qualifier and gordo's Vital OTB winner warming up in the heat and humidity.</b> -@maddogboris gets 19 beers

<b>DirtTV's John " I don't film women and weapons practice" Parkin working flat out.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith [LOL -gordo]

<b>Innes Graham was fastest in Juniors, fresh off his British National Champs win. With a different winner at all the WC's so far, the Junior Men's class is wide open.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>World Cup racing is all about team work. This is a winning combination; Andy Lund and Rachel Atherton. More often than not it is the match of personalities that is more important than the wrenching. No surprise, Rachel went fastest.</b> -@maddogboris gets 666 beers

<b>The Wallner brothers dropping da bombs in the open straight.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Steve Smith knows a good mustache will get him more media exposure, especially heading into Whistler next week. STAY TUNED FOR MORE ACTION FROM MSA!</b> -Sven Martin

Only 5-seconds separate the top 10 Elite Men's qualifiers at the 2013 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup, making for a highly-anticipated race day. Canadian, Steve Smith was fastest in Men's with Rachel Atherton only .8 ahead of Emmeline Ragot in the Women's class. Weather is still unstable and lines are still forming with a day between qualifying and racing left to iron out the bugs. Enjoy the incredible action from Sven Martin, Tim Bardsley-Smith and Tim Lake from the UCI World Cup at Mont Sainte Anne.

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  • Hyperpower!

    8/11/2013 10:46 AM

    They're not the spanish guys from Evil Vengeance Tour, its a Spanish guy (Antonio Ferreiro) and a Portuguese guy (Francisco Pardal)!
    Great slideshow as usual! Hoping Hill gets this one..

  • Mr. P

    8/10/2013 1:19 PM

    Nice one! thanks for the great pics!


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