RACE REPORT: DH Action from Round 2 of the 2014 Australian National Series

<b>We have to start this DH slideshow with a shot of Jared Graves racing XC. He continues to impress with a much more capable field, too. It was only World Cup winner, Dan McConnell, that could chase him down.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Troy Brosnan finally got the win he was after. With some big crashes and near misses in practice, it's always nice to step up on to the top of the box.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Dean Lucas navigates the baby head rocks that litter the top portion of the track in Buller. 2nd place and feeling good.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Josh Button is consistent. Another solid 3rd place finish, just 2.83 off the pace.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Dave McMillan popping out of turns. 4th place for Dave who moved up a spot from his 5th at the last round in Adelaide.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Graeme Mudd just squeezed onto the Elite podium this weekend with a 5th place finish.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Connor Fearon seeded fastest, but a front flat in his final run wrecked his chances of back to back National round wins.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>U19 rider, Tegan Molloy, is pushing hard with her training and it showed with the fastest time out of all the women on the day. 3rd place at World Champs last year and looking to go two better this year.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Andy Crimmins busts out of the gate for seeding. A high-speed OTB crash meant he didn't finish his run. Hopefully he can heal up in time for National Champs.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>U19 rider, Aiden Varley, got some good experience last year racing the first two World Cups. He's one of the frothing young Aussie riders looking to impress in Cairns in a few short weeks.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Jared Rando, back having some fun on his little bike in the DH race. Part of his proactive coaching role is to ride and race, helping juniors on track all weekend. </b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>The Mount Buller "International" DH track is one of Australia's oldest. Chris Barlin negotiates one of the ancient bridge sections.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Rhys Atkinson enjoying riding his bike after building trails all week.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Dean Lucas has a new ride for 2014. Same bike, more support with Devinci Global Racing. Mechanic, Nigel Reeve in the audio.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>U19 rider, Max Warshawsky, sends the road booter to 3rd place in the Junior category.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Remy Morton is just 15 years old. He won U17 but would have also won U19 by a couple of seconds which would have also nailed a 9th in Elite. He's under the guidance of Stevie Smith's mechanic, Nigel Reeve. This kid is the next Nathan Rennie.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Luke Ellison of the Bilt Bikes team was looking fast all practice. He has a rad, animated style that is great to watch and photograph.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Kona's Andy Crimmins was one of the few busting out this techy gap in practice, making it look simple. Andrew has had a bit of interest circulating about him since pipping both Troy Brosnan and Mick Hannah at Thredbo early in the season.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Graves snarling at the hecklers making fun of his skinsuit. He'll have the last laugh.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Dave McMillan focused. </b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Ben Hill get's bathed in light through the Snow Gums in the first tree section.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>The big man Ben Cory! He's come a long way since the lanky kid that won World Champs as a Junior in 2001. A career and a family keep him grounded, but he has always continued racing at a National level. FEEDER SAYS WHAT'S UP, POPS!</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Cody Love was looking good all weekend, punching out a lot of runs. This section was possibly the fastest of the whole track.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Ken Hamilton threads his way down the lower sections of the Mount Buller track.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Ricky Boyer, holding it down for the land down under.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Ben Hill got some WC experience at Val Di Sole last year. Mount Buller is probably just as dusty, but no where near as steep.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Troy Brosnan might have gotten lucky nursing a possibly broken finger while Connor Fearon flatted, but it's great to see these two fighting it out.</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

<b>Elite podium at Mount Buller.<br>1. Troy Brosnan<br>2. Dean Lucas<br>3. Josh Button<br>4. David McMillan<br>5. Graeme Mudd</b> -Tim Bardsley-Smith

Mount Buller in the Victorian Alps was the stage for Australian National MTB Round 2. Troy Brosnan was keen to get a win on the board and Connor Fearon looked to cement his leaders position and show his riding has stepped up a notch. They battled with the usual posse of Aussie shredders, out to prove themselves against the big boys. The tight, technical, dusty track is well known for its unforgiving ability to break bikes and bodies. In the end, Troy Brosnan came out on top.

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