Pro Bike Check: Fabien Barel's Canyon Strive AL 9.0 Race 16

<b>We recently caught up with Fabien Barel at a Mavic press camp in France and checked out his new Canyon Strive AL 9.0 Race enduro bike.</b>

<b>The bike features 160mm of rear travel via their 270-degree box suspension platform.</b>

<b>Built-in sag meter!</b>

<b>So will all of you start stacking spacers after listening to Fabien?</b>

<b>Fox CTD adjusters on the bars.</b>

<b>SRAM's gorgeous XX1 rear cassette and derailleur.</b>

<b>Sweech baach!</b>

<b>Running a Fox 36 because you're out of shape is only something Fabien could get away with.</b>

<b>Fab is also running a 36 tooth front chainring on his SRAM XX1 setup for a quiet, efficient enduro gear range.</b>

<b>From concept to production, Fabien helped bring the Dfender to market.</b>

<b>A little coverage goes a long way, especially in often-wet conditions of Europe.</b>

<b>Aggressive knobs for Fabien on this trip.</b>

<b>SRAM X0 Trail brakes, front and rear.</b>

<b>We're excited to see Fabien tackle the Enduro World Series like he did the World Cup downhill circuit.</b>

<b>If anyone will be ready for all the challenges of the Enduro World Series, it will be Fabien. Merci, Fab!</b>

Fabien for life. Though not available in the USA, you can visit the Canyon Bikes website for more info on this bike.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Jérémie Reuiller
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