Pre-Season Testing with FOX, Santa Cruz Syndicate and GT Factory Racing 6

<b>Get a look behind the scenes with FOX as they prep the 2013 race season suspension for The Syndicate and GT Factory Racing. Justin Frey hard at work...</b> - All photos by Thomas Dietze.

<b>The test sessions took place at La Fenasosa Bike Park in Spain before and after the FOX 40 AIR launch camp.</b>

<b>Over the course of a month, teams and riders like The Syndicate and GT Factory racing visited the venue for testing.</b>

<b>New GT prototype glimpses may have been seen and GT's new young guns, Taylor Vernon and Martin Maes, were present for testing.</b>

<b>A pleasant feel may not always mean fast, but making sure the riders are confident is what matters most.</b>

<b>La Fenasosa Bike Park has some seriously rough trails. Perfect for testing bikes at the World Cup level.</b>

<b>Gee holding on through the rough.</b>

<b>Custom tunes and shimstacks are sometimes the name of the game, as bikes and suspension change year to year.</b>

<b>Even though FOX just released their 2014 goods, they're still testing new ideas that couldn't be shown...yet.</b>

<b>Enduro a big focus in 2013, so guys like Dan Atherton are dialing in settings (and possibly wheel size) for Enduro World Series. A first for FOX.</b>

<b>The Enduro riders tested on the same course as the DH riders...</b>

<b>...and they got worked, haha! GT prototypes in the background?</b>

<b>While Greg Minnaar may say he doesn't know suspension, he knows how to ride. A friendly one up to Gee who was flipping into the foam earlier in the test sessions.</b>

<b>FOX's Mark Fitzsimmons, man behind the settings and the RAD Program.</b>

<b>Minnnaar is stoked he just has to focus on riding, knowing his suspension is tuned to maximize speed and control. Ratboy lets it rip in his fresh Fox Racing kit.</b>

<b>The Syndicate's main mechanic, Jason Marsh, speaks on Enduro possibilities and testing with FOX in the next few slides.</b>

<b>Peaty up to something...</b>

<b>Bryceland floating over the rough.</b>

<b>Glorious conditions for Ratboy, who may even know how to change his own tires!</b>

<b>Minnaar flappin' it over some big hits.</b>

<b>Devin Schmitt, Root One Productions filmer and focus model extraordinaire gooning it up in front of the lens for once.</b>

<b>Between the killer trails, castle accommodations, and army vehicles for shuttles, La Fenasosa made a great place to find base settings.</b>

<b>Come on Marshy, take the bait! Bigger wheels for Syndicate? We may know on April 1.</b>

<b>Steve Peat, no stranger to pre-season test camps and causing a ruckus at the dinner table.</b>

<b>Peaty with the owner of La Fenasosa and the world's biggest pan (the paella was delicious!). His sons are responsible for the awesome trails.</b>

<b>Video capture man, Joe Bowman, tagged along to film for This is Peaty. Keep an eye out for some goods when the first episode drops.</b>

<b>Minnaar Superman, with clips!</b>


<b>Is it World Cup season yet? We're ready.</b>

<b>Thanks to FOX, The Syndicate and GT Factory Racing for a killer look behind the scenes!</b>

Get a look behind the scenes with FOX as they prep the 2013 race season suspension for The Santa Cruz Syndicate and GT Factory Racing. All photos by Thomas Dietze.
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  • woodybepierced

    3/28/2013 6:02 AM

    We need more pics of Rachel, preferably off the bike and while she is gearing up or gearing down!

  • general lee

    3/28/2013 8:23 AM

    Because, god forbid, the women actually get featured while riding their bikes. Despite how much they really appreciate a lurking photographer in the pits while they get changed

  • Rob RiZen

    3/27/2013 4:09 PM

    I'm not convinced that Minaar's superman (with clips) wasn't some kinda bail. I wouldn't want my fingers of one hand stretched out like that rather than clamped round the bar if I was doing a superman!

  • bturman

    3/27/2013 5:14 PM

    It was a superman seat grab actually! The photo just happened to be timed a split second too late.

  • kaibrabo

    3/28/2013 11:36 PM

    Watch Greg's "ride the lightning" part

  • djschmitt

    3/27/2013 10:48 AM

    The dude in photo 21 has some rad style

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