ON COURSE! 2012 World Championship Downhill Training 22

<b>IT'S ON! Bryn Atkinson breaking in the World Champs DH course and doing what it takes to get over the monstrous jump,sky high and blasting to the moon!</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>Needles was upset not to make the top three last week at Whip off World Champs so he started off on his FIRST run with a late entry.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Andrew Neethling opening it up!</b> -Juan Reynaldo

<b>#committed</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Side view of the <a href="http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/G-Out-Project-WORLD-CHAMPS-IN-LEOGANG,4259/Richie-Rude-Bottomed-Out-and-Crashing-at-World-Champs,41806/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><font color="#ffff00">G-Out Project</font></a> jump. This gives you some perspective of the motorway. UCI will be drug testing any riders who over clear or find true backside. Lip will be moved 1m further closer to the landing for tomorrow. <i>Blenkinsop in audio.</i></b> -Sven Martin<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> 

<b>It's a fair old effort to get over jumps this big. Will Aaron Gwin and Brook MacDonald be sharing more than just airtime next year? Maybe @teamrumours will be tweeting again after World Cup finals.</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>Emmeline Ragot has a title to defend. She is already fully leaned and up to speed. Will she hold on to her stripes?</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Luke Strobel, always solid, always fast, keeping it simple and sending it for the hardcore spectators. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>Insert CAP-tion here.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>It's World Champs and there's no shortage of people willing to volunteer. Things ran smoothly on the track today.</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>This is Marc Beaumont's response to the <a href="http://www.vitalmtb.com/videos/member/FOUR-BY-THREE-Teaser-for-the-Athertons-New-Series,15120/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><font color="#ffff00">new Atherton Four by Three teaser</a> today. 4 minus 3 equals...</font></b> -Sven Martin

<b>Though the riders talk of no real line choice, Troy Brosnan finds his way...</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>...and so does team mate, Sam Hill.</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Troy Brosan, gordo's pick for victory.</b> -Juan Reynaldo

<b>World Champs gives every rider a chance for their time in the spotlight. With juniors out to make a name for themselves, having helmet trim match the crash-mat colour increases your chance of getting a Vital slideshow.</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>Eliot Jackson with his brother Andrew and extreme filming buddy, John Reynolds. Will Andrew take runs down the course on his 20? Will Reynolds film it? Sounds like they have time on their hands.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Don't forget, they run 4X at Worlds. Roger Rinderknecht came straight from the Olympic BMX race. The 4X training at the end of the day is always accompanied by rain and approaching darkness...something Gary Perkin used to love!</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Dougie Hatfield feeling the <a href="http://www.ego-kits.com" target="_blank"><font color="#ffff00">ego-kits.com</font></a> power roosting round the pits.</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>20 Years of World Champs and this fan of Peaty remembers one very well!</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>Richie's rude awakening...</b> - Duncan Philpott

<b>Ratboy heading for the trees.</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>An early lap in the gondola and very little photo editing would you believe? Sun rays break over Saafelden and the accreditation center where many battle to prove their worthiness of getting a World Champs access badge (myself included!).</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>Cam Cole out for blood in the Bike Park World Championships!</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Monk's wrist watch is the size of Big Ben. A memory for each of Aaron Gwin's WC wins adorns one of the numerous surfaces. At least 5 more are left, so let's see what comes next.</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Matti Lehikoinen is barely recovered from his injury. He just learned walking without his crutches maybe 2 weeks ago...</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Matti hadn't touched a bike until yesterday and now he's on the DH course. He'll decide if the race is worth it as the World Cup in Norway in a few weeks is his main focus.</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>An insight to today's <a href="http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Steve-Peats-20th-Anniversary-World-Championship-Santa-Cruz-V10,4246/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><font color="#ffff00">Steve Peat bike check</font></a>; Sven grimacing after many minutes of conversation with Steve Peat about 20 years at World Champs. The old guys talk a lot.</b> -Duncan Philpott

<b>This is truly mid-course on the DH track, already Instagram'd by most of the pro field. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>The Canadians should do well this week at the Bike Park World Champs. Claire Buchar dropping in for her first run this morning. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>Yes it's bike park, but hopefully with the rain we should see some holes ruts and lines developing in the next few days.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>And here comes the rain...</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Tire choice for tomorrow? Tubes, tubeless or glue-on?</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Needles, not g'd out in his new Fox kit and stock 2013 Giant Glory.</b> -Hoshi Yoshida

<b>The day ended with happy hour beers and bratwurst with SRAM thanks JD! Stay tuned...</b> -Sven Martin

The 2012 UCI World Championships officially kicked off with on-foot course inspection and the first DH practice session on the groomed and relatively smooth (for now) Leogang course.
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  • Mr. P

    8/31/2012 2:28 PM

    If that's the course, we need to pull these guys out of retirement.


  • Acadian

    8/31/2012 2:15 PM

    I think we need more supportive statements from Giant dealers, euh I mean vital members. ;o)

  • Krispy

    8/31/2012 2:09 PM

    Needles bike now has a 63.5 deg ha and 13.7 BB "stock" without having to shorten the shock or use a manky headset to do it.

  • blu.produttori

    8/31/2012 9:08 AM

    I would like to know the name of music that plays when the presentation starts...

  • sspomer

    8/31/2012 12:32 PM

    we've actually used it for so long (years now) that i don't have original file name anymore. it came from our music licensing service...they have tons of random beats like this.

  • iridealemon

    8/31/2012 12:54 AM

    #1 fan Dave Hamilton

  • dphilpott

    8/31/2012 11:37 AM

    Yep! with his son Louis racing here this weekend, I forgot Dave's first name though I must admin.

  • general lee

    8/30/2012 5:57 PM

    Damn, missed the first day of practice running around inside some ice cave down the road. . . Getting there tomorrow, b
    ringing the rain!

  • Acadian

    8/30/2012 5:05 PM

    stoked...it's on like donkey Kong.
    BTW what's the deal with saying "on a stock Glory" if every pic of Needles or his bike? I mean really, who cares if it's stock or not?

  • sspomer

    8/30/2012 5:24 PM

    i like the way it sounds...

  • kidwoo

    8/30/2012 6:57 PM

    Are his gloves stock? You should say that too.

  • Acadian

    8/30/2012 5:27 PM

    stock frame but offset cups, offset bushing, shorter shock, and..... ;o)

  • pink wolf

    8/31/2012 11:42 AM

    luc you are not often wrong but now you are very wrong on multiple points.

  • Acadian

    8/31/2012 11:56 AM

    what part of the smiley face at the end of my statement did you not recognize? I was just being sarcastic and referring to mods they've had to make in the past. I have no doubt his bike is stock - was just wondering why it had to be pointed out every other picture/caption that's all
    disclaimer: this message was typed on a stock keyboard

  • Acadian

    8/31/2012 12:25 PM

    with that said...go NEEDLES.

    PS: I'm actually sitting in a custom chair.

  • sspomer

    8/31/2012 12:30 PM

    not a stock chair? weak.

  • Acadian

    8/31/2012 12:36 PM

    no weaker than my gimp backbone - I swear the human body was never designed to sit at a desk all day.

  • RPereira

    8/30/2012 4:53 PM

    Always epic stuff.

  • t.odd

    8/30/2012 4:42 PM

    nice work action news team!

  • OCsponger587

    8/30/2012 4:49 PM

    this looks about right aside from the lady

  • kidwoo

    8/30/2012 6:58 PM

    What are you talking about, that looks exactly like brandon.

  • veach

    8/31/2012 10:36 AM

    SESSLER! haha

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