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StageONE Power Meter on Shimano Saint

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StageONE Power Meter on Shimano Saint - 2013 Products from Interbike 2012, Part 2 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Stages Cycling, a Colorado-based company, has developed a very clean, very light, and relatively affordable power meter solution. This 20 gram addition uses a proprietary grid of strain gages to determine the power being put into the left crank. That number is then doubled for a very close approximation of total power ouput. Mountain crank options include Shimano XT, XTR, Saint, and SRAM X9. Don't expect to see it on carbon cranks, though, simply because the material characteristics of carbon aren't easily measurable. MSRP ranges from $699 to $950.

Visit www.stagescycling.com for more details.

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