Murder by Numbers - gordo 3

File 666, Aaron Chase is a beast and marking it. New Jersey, May 31, 2005. Ended up being the cover for Counterparts DVD by DH Productions.

Aaron Chase, not-unlucky file number 13 from the U.S. Open, 2005. I think we planned this because he was pretty freaking close to the lens! Later that afternoon.

Jacob Hyde, avoiding bad luck with a 13 clip, then living up to the Deity standards with a massive 666 whip at Post Office.

I found a lot of Cam McCaul files with this little project. Left, file 69: One of the best suiciders in the business, Post Office, January 2005. On the right, file 13 and the beginning of the 'dumped 360' craze. Sea Otter, 2006.

Cam McCaul again. Barspinning into a wallride is now called a 69.

File number 13 from a time lapse at Santa Cruz as they were developing the APP line of bikes. February 2010.

Wining 'em, dining 'em and...well, remember the hat Seabass wore in Dumb and Dumber? Figure it out. Clint Chandler knows.

Eli Krahenbuhl, file number 666. Looking a bit devilish as he builds up Aaron Gwin's Trek Session World Cup practice bike.

Video file 13, featuring Aaron Chase (again) but most importantly, Geoff Gulevich and his mustache. Teva Games 2010.

LOL @ Jared Graves. From Crankworx in 2006, the camera knew labeling the file as 666 would prove the devil is in the details. Visor down = evil.

Steve Wentz, 2008. We did these trails tour videos at SolVista with him mic'd up and shredding. He's a natural. No bad luck with this file number 13 clip.

Funny this file is labeled 13. The trip to Ray's Milwaukee was hardly unlucky. If anything, quite the opposite. Smiff and I avoided crashing the rental car and the riding was super fun. <a href=",5571/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">Watch the video for proof.</font></b></a>.

Mike Ferrentino...priceless. This number 13 video clip is nothing to fear. <a href=",495/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">Watch the full video here.</font></b></a>

If you were at Interbike this year, you had to have noticed Mike Haderer and his crazy outfits, straight from the wardrobe of the devil. 666 at Angel Fire 4X, 2009.

Crappy iPhone photos are sometimes the most meaningful. 666 and heavenly light while driving through Richfield, Utah don't necessarily go together, however.

It's a fact that Austin 'Tustle' Aldrich and Guy French would giggle like Beavis n Butt-head because the file number of this photo is 69. From a time lapse during a <a href=",4749/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">Specialized P Bike shoot</font></b></a>.

A pair of East Coast 69's. On the left, a flash tester from the U.S. Open in! What's also rich is how badly I tried to fake the steepness of Mount Snow and Ben Cory. I'll gladly accept any flaming in the comments for that tilt!

Vital MTB's very own Brandon Turman, 69'ing the I Street step in SLC. <a href=",655/sspomer,2" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">Catch the full vid here</font></b></a>.

While digging through the photo and video archives, I noticed that some file numbers stood out, so I chose to see what happened if I searched for 666, 13 and 69...numbers mountain bikers love or hate.
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  • Big Bird

    10/22/2011 8:05 PM

    The vid of Cam the Mac barspinning to wallride is shot at our trails near Santa Cruz. The wallride is left over from a Sea Otter Ride Zone that the 180 magazine crew and I built. Living fame. I have another numerical photo idea. How about looking up numbers that describe a trick and see how many actually show that trick. 180, 360, 540, 720?


    10/21/2011 11:09 PM

    yeah fucking fresh idea. well played.

  • Lucent

    10/21/2011 11:08 AM

    LOVE this one Spoms!!!!

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