What Polar Vortex? Winter Assault on the Wheel Mill and Ray's MTB in a Beat Up Bus with Chase, Hauck, Smutok and More 2

<b>The original plan was to meet at a mall in Jersey and begin a multi-car caravan to Ray's in Cleveland. After a call to some friends, I dug out an old party bus in an all-night, sub-zero mission deep in Vermont's syrup country. After unfreezing the airbrake, I got the bus mobile and scooped up George Ryan and Aaron Chase. From there, we went on to surprise the rest of the crew.</b> -Smutok

Get on the bus!

<b>The Polar Vortex Tour Crew from left to right - Dave Smutok, George Ryan, Alex Price, Adam Hauck, Joseph Hanusiewicz, Mike Kent, Ethan Solomkin, Dave Holzer, Rocco Quintiliani, Jon Nemecek and Aaron Chase. It's about to get interesting.</b>

George Ryan knew right were to sit after a lunch stop at Quaker Steak and Lube.

The hood may pop, but the fun don't stop.

Celebrating the Party Bus making it from the depths of Vermont, through New Jersey and all the way to Cleveland Ohio for Ray's MTB shredding.

Ray's MTB in Cleveland like you've never seen it before.

George Ryan sheds the pork rind crumbs in Rhythm Room.

Time to get creative

Mike Kent, "nothing" to see here on the big box in the Rhythm Room.

Cat drinking fountains at Ray's?

Dialed 360 table. One of 9-million sick things Adam Hauck did at Ray's.

Rhythm Room fly by.

Supermans must run in the family, Mike Kent (possibly Clark Kent's brother?) stretching one out.

Aaron Chase chillin with the Shred Dog.


Hauck cranking a one-footed table over the quarter to quarter transfer in the Subaru Park at Ray's.

That's deep.

Art T. Photos.

Powdered Donuts.

As if the trip couldn’t get any better, Chase and Red Bull hooked up the crew with Nitro Circus tickets. This show is UNREAL and a must-see!

Packing up the Party Bus and heading back east.


Thankfully we made a detour to Pittsburgh to check out this new park called The Wheel Mill. This place has tons to ride, including a killer box jump room, super smooth and fast pump track, mini ramp, skate park section and plenty of technical mountain bike stunts.

Wheel Mill pumptrack.

Adam Hauck floats the step down while Dave Holzer dumps a 3 on the last box.

Aaron Chase and Mike Kent play a little footsie. The crew got close on this trip.

Off-season training.

Hauck whipping the hip box while George no-foot-cans the first box.

Aaron and Mike, still fired up from Nitro Circus, rip some side-by-side flips.

One last hoorah at the Wheel Mill.

According to this study 50-percent of "humans" have their faces glued to their iPhones. Against all bets, the Party Bus made it! Thanks Ray’s Mountain Bike Park and The Wheel Mill for letting this motley crew shred their winter blues away and give the East Coast winter a big, fat middle finger!

In the throes of the coldest, snowiest winter the East Coast has had in 30-years, Aaron Chase, Adam Hauck, Dave Smutok and a rag-tag group of mountain bikers hopped in a sketchy, beat up bus for a roadtrip to warmer, drier conditions; the indoor playgrounds of Ray's MTB in Cleveland and the Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh. Would the Party Bus make the entire journey? Find out in this stoke-filled slideshow.
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  • s.sheline

    3/27/2014 6:47 PM

    Mike Kent is a super sick rider that probably doesn't get the respect he deserves. super fun looking trip

  • rewob

    3/27/2014 1:15 PM

    I need a bus

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