Making the Cut at Red Bull Rampage 2012 12

The bird was in the air, which means things are officially heating up at the Red Bull Rampage. - Turman

Standings after run one of two. Every rider's goal was to make it above that black line... and to survive. - Collins

Brendan Fairclough was the second rider to leave the start, and the first rider to have a big crash. He redeemed himself on his second run, though. - Trumpore

Fairclough wound up 12th on the day, just barely squeaking by. Chances are very good that his score will improve in the finals, when he plans to hit his canyon gap. - Trumpore

Casey Groves and Anthony Messere both rode the same line. Unfortunately Messere missed the cut due to crashes in both runs. - Turman

Casey's run was smooth for being on a small bike. Well, small for Rampage, that is. 11th on the day. - Collins

Red Bull really does give you wings. Messere flying high. - Turman

Garrett Buehler charging. Despite some serious boost and sideways whip action, he didn't qualify for Sunday's main event. - Turman

Kelly McGarry is bummed. A pre-Rampage film session turned for the worst when he crashed, breaking his leg and leaving him on the sidelines. - Turman

Martin Soderstrom styled his way to 9th place. - Trumpore

Soderstrom with a big whip in the lower zone. His rear wheel skimmed over the dirt corner. - Collins

Mik Hannah using that World Cup DH talent up top. At 15th place, he's got motivation and time to hone his freeride skills over the next year. - Trumpore

Mike Hopkins BLASTING. This step down was huge, and Mike somehow managed to overshoot the entire landing during his first run. - Turman

The upper portion of Mike's run was dialed. - Collins

Brendan Howey slotted in at 8th on the day with his smooth style and some big moves. - Turman

Kenny Smith, down and out. - Trumpore

The hane caught up with Kenny this time, but he's eager for the next Rampage. - Turman

Wil White hucking. Check out the hair! 13th on the day and a chance that he'll make finals as the first alternate. - Collins

Just because qualifiers were going on doesn't mean the build stops. The Aptos crew slaves away on Semenuk's finals line. - Trumpore

Build fuel. - Trumpore

Nico Vink said to heck with convention and made his own sender, grabbing a well deserved 6th place. - Collins

Factory. Pilgrim made the best of it this weekend, but won't be in finals after qualifying 18th. - Collins

Pilgrim was looking good until this happened in his second run. Ouch. - Collins

Brett Rheeder was one of the few riders to mix it up during qualifiers, riding a different line for each run. - Collins

Rheeder was also the only rider to get inverted. 5th place and looking good for finals. - Trumpore

Bum luck for Chris Van Dine. Major delays, strong winds, and some miscommunication caused him to miss his second run. It's shame, because his finals line looks incredible. - Beckton

Crankworx winner Thomas Genon showed incredible skill for never having ridden this kind of terrain, or even downhill for that matter. - Trumpore

Genon's dirt jump prowess shined through on the lower jumps. He ended up 17th on the day. - Turman

Genon knows he has a way to go, and we're guessing he'll find a way to practice more before next year's event. - Collins

Antoine Bizet launches his way into 4th place off some of the woodwork that build manager Jeremy Witek help create. - Collins

Mike Kinrade had one of the biggest crashes of the day. Somehow he got up and walked away. - Turman

Practice payed off for Kyle Norbraten with an impressive 3rd place. Curtis Robinson was pumped. - Turman

Seeing riders go down in front of you can toy with your nerves, especially with a huge crowd and a helicopter at your back. - Collins

A tweaked ankle has Gee Atherton sidelined for awhile. After Rampage he'll head home, heal up, and start training for next year's World Cup season. - Turman

James Doerfling is one to watch out for in finals - 2nd on the day. Kyle Strait was taking notes. - Turman

At the end of the day, the judges call the shots. You've got to have an impressive line, smooth style/big tricks, stay fluid/fast, and go big. - Turman

Cam McCaul did all of those, and in a big way. 1st place on the day. Heck yes! - Trumpore

McCaul and Zink share a common line, and last year's champ Cam Zink thinks it'll be between the two of them when game day rolls around. - Beckton

The 12 riders advancing to finals will take to the upper mountain on Saturday, crafting new lines and riding them for the first time. Stay tuned for more from the gnarliest contest on earth, Red Bull Rampage. - Trumpore

Things get real as riders take to the mountain during the qualification round. Big moves, big crashes, and big cheers highlighted another jaw dropping day in Virgin, Utah. - Photos by Brandon Turman, Dave Trumpore, Ian Collins, and Seth Beckton
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  • cvd

    10/9/2012 2:39 PM

    Dear Vital,
    Great coverage as usual but be careful with your captions. I had a mechanical first run. 2nd round Wil White and I were the last two on the ridge with exposed lines and the wind picked up huge. There was no "havoc wreaked nerves or bowing out", we requested to wait until the wind died down, there was a miscommunication and we lost out on our second quali runs. totally sucked, thanks for clearing that up for everybody.

  • bturman

    10/10/2012 3:22 AM

    Sorry about that, Van Dine. Just adjusted the caption. Wish you could've gone!

  • sal.ruibal

    10/8/2012 11:05 AM

    Darn tootin'!

  • Redwoodrider

    10/6/2012 7:34 PM

    zink will flip that canyon no prob

  • tmx

    10/6/2012 6:35 PM

    Nico Vink! Nico Vink! Nico Vink!!!

  • Mr. P

    10/6/2012 5:48 PM

    Vital Rampaging the coverage! Stellar! Thanks!


  • geebeebee

    10/6/2012 2:41 PM

    Nothing about Simcik, again? No one saw his backflip in his 2nd run? One place ahead of Messere and one place behind Pilgrim and still no one mentions him...such a shame!

  • NoahColorado

    10/6/2012 9:09 PM


  • bturman

    10/7/2012 12:14 AM

    A last second rider change had us running from Wil White's line to Simcik's. I ate it with my camera in hand because I was hustling so fast. Sadly, the backflip photo wasn't in focus after my face plant and Nick didn't flip it on run one.

  • geebeebee

    10/7/2012 6:05 AM

    Aww, shame! Thanks for the great coverage nonetheless. Sounds like it's as hard to say right side up in your shoes as it is on wheels!

  • iceman2058

    10/6/2012 12:38 PM

    Pfwoar what a show!
    The video of Hopkins overshooting that jump is in the video recap from today...can't believe he's basically walked away from that unscathed...

  • matt?

    10/6/2012 12:18 PM

    i spent the whole of today refreshing the homepage waiting for this, thank you vital!

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