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Interbike 2011: iXS 2

Introducing the iXS Metis helmet.

Mesh vents keep the bugs and roost out.

CE/EN1078 and CPSC certified

Popping the padding out is a piece of cake.

Adjusting the visor is as simple as turning this screw.

Features the classic D-Ring strap system.

Lots of color options for 2012...

At the $150 price point, expect to see a lot of these on the trails soon.

This is the new Richey Schley Signature Edition Phobos Helmet. 10 vents. $90.

The Phobos will be available in several color options.

Make that 12 options, to be exact.

Matching gloves and gear combos are also available.

Darren Berrecloth's new Slope Series EVO knee pads are on the left. These feature AeroMesh construction, anti-bacterial properties, a hard knee cup, and a kevlar cover, just like the original Slope EVO pads.

That's a wrap from the iXS booth. Ryan Berrecloth and Richie Schley want to remind you to stay cool, and to keep it safe on the trails. Visit <a href="http://www.iXS.com" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">www.iXS.com</font></b></a> for more.

A new helmet, multiple fresh color options for several products, and two signature models found their way into the 2012 iXS lineup. Photos, specs, and audio insight are just a click away.