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Interbike 2011: SDG Components

This is the new Duster saddle from SDG. Looks good. Lots of color options. Perfectly suited for an all-mountain or trail bike.

SDG's I-Beam system is sleek, compact, and super adjustable.

Do you ever rock a seat bag? This makes it easy.

The cavity between the saddle and I-Beam rail offers a bit of flex for added comfort on long rides.

It's light weight, too!

New for the dirt jump/slopestyle crowd, the 2012 Apollo saddle.

SDG is always working with their athletes to make the best saddles possible.

Have you ever pinched your seat only to have it slip and your bars fall away from you? Not fun! SDG solved that.

The new SDG/ODI collab grips. Notice the miniature SDG logos.

These grips feel good. Really good.

SDG made a believer out of Kyle Strait (us too). Visit <a href="http://www.sdgcomponents.com/" target="_blank"><b><font color="#ffff00">www.SDGcomponents.com</font></b></a> for their latest innovations.

SDG Components brought a few new products to the tradeshow, including the 2012 Duster saddle, Apollo jump saddle, and SDG/ODI collab grips. Details inside.