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Interbike 2011: Five Ten Shoes 3

Introducing the Kestrel, Five Ten's new super stiff clipless shoe suited for all-mountain and cross-country adventures.

Cool Hwip on the left, Raven on the right. Both are built up on the inside for ankle protection, and both are clipless compatible.

The lace cover on the Cool Hwip is attached at the bottom, not the side, ensuring that water and mud won't creep in when flying off of your front tire.

The cleat area on all Five Ten shoes is now less recessed and wider than on previous models, which will make entry easier.

Five Ten. Brand of the Brave.

Kick it or shred it, the new Spitfire Canvas shoe is both casual and functional.

For 2012, the Freerider gets a few major upgrades and will be available in a Pro model, just like the ones Danny Mac uses.

Looking for something super comfortable with less noticeable looks? The new Dirtbag shoe could be a great fit. It has the same micro-dot sole as the Spitfire Canvas shoes.

The Spitfires use a micro-dot sole made from Five Ten's incredibly sticky Stealth Rubber.

Take a peek at a handful of new shoes from Five Ten, the brand used and trusted by some of the fasters racers and best riders in the World.