Inside Guerrilla Gravity's Denver Headquarters, Plus a Sneak Peek of the New Megatrail All-Mountain Bike 20

<b>Welcome to Guerrilla Gravity's new shop. Kristy, Matt and Will make things happen behind the scenes of this small but growing bike company.</b>

<b>Located just a short walk from the Mile High Stadium in downtown Denver, they're not far from some of the best riding in the States. Opening night at their new place was a big success.</b>

<b>The front of the shop couldn't hold everyone that came, but there was still room to browse.</b>

<b>Adding a retail front to their bike manufacturing allows Guerrilla Gravity to become a full service bike shop, incorporating everything from product creation to the sales floor.</b>

<b>A Colorado paint job towers above the retail space to remind you where you're at, and where they're coming from.</b>

<b>The highlight of the night was the introduction of Guerrilla Gravity’s new all-mountain destroyer, the Megatrail. Expect more information in the coming months.</b>

<b>Can’t decide if you are ready for 27.5? Guerrilla Gravity has you covered with a bike that will do any combination.</b>

<b>Built to stand out, the GG/DH bike in “RADiation” green is unique in a sea of sameness. The Megatrail shares a few common traits with the GG/DH, including a longer top tube.</b>

<b>Dual crown race destroyer or single crown park bunny? The choice is yours with the GG/DH, and it sounds like the Megatrail will follow suit.</b>

<b>These are not display bikes, these are all customer bikes. Guerrilla Gravity called up all their local customers and asked them to be a part of the shop opening. The frame's versatility showed through.</b>

<b>In the end, nothing brings the crowds in like free cake. You’re thinking about cake now. Go find some, you deserve it. Think about bikes while you eat your cake.</b>

<b>In case you forgot, each frame is handmade in Colorado.</b>

<b>A big thanks from the GG crew to all of you for supporting them. The next time you’re in Denver, be sure to give them a call and get the tour.</b>

It seems like just yesterday we were introducing the Vital audience to Guerrilla Gravity, a Colorado-based bike company that's staying true to their values, keeping it local, and creating some interesting new rides. Now they're making another big move, and this time it's into a new facility. We stopped by the shop on their opening night to see what it's all about. We also got a special preview of their new Megatrail all-moutain bike...

If you're ever in the area, give them a visit at 2031 Bryant Street. In addition to seeing where the frames are made, they also have a full retail shop with all the gear, components, and service you need to keep rollin'. Check out for more details.

Photos by Evan Rohrig
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