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    INTERBIKE: Part 5 - The Rest of the Best, Even More 2014 Products - INTERBIKE: Part 5 - The Rest of the Best, Even More 2014 Products - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

In our fifth and final Interbike gallery (well, serious gallery anyway), we bring you another 34+ new products for 2014. After you browse through this collection, be sure to catch all the action in our other 2013 Interbike round ups.

Credit: Turman
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  • Rudemau5

    9/28/2013 9:59 AM

    I don"t disagree with you, forgings are definitely stronger. I've snapped a pedal shaft before and it wasn't fun! I'm not into wearing a cup when I'm mountain bike riding. I guess this pedal suits the 29r hard tail best (my opinion) light, thin and definitely trick.

  • Capricorn

    9/28/2013 2:33 AM

    really thought forgings were stronger than castings, and I would imagine that to an impact-prone component such as a pedal, strength would be a primary criteria, especially something that thin. instead, it seems cost was the overriding factor here. Not saying the product is shite, but the casting as a product highlight is an interesting aspect thereof.

  • Rudemau5

    9/27/2013 2:30 PM

    Rad pedal but I would be sacred to run these. I weight 230lbs and all that weight leverage would be focused on the 2 thinnest parts of the pedal, I would fold those like a news paper on a rainy day!

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