Wild in Mexico - Taxco Urban Downhill Practice 7

<b>Welcome to Taxco, Mexico, home to one of the wildest urban downhill races of the year.</b> - Trumpore

<b>This is the view that greeted racers at breakfast. The promoters have put us all up in an old mission, and the views of Taxco are astounding.</b> - Trumpore

<b>As is custom south of the border, uplift is provided by pickup trucks that seat however many you can fit. There were two more guys behind me hanging off the bumper who would jump off to help push us over the speed bumps when the truck began to scrape the ground.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Last year’s winner, Brendan Fairclough, got practice started while more than just the locals looked on.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Antoine Bizet is in town and just looking to have a bit of a siesta after a disappointing Red Bull Rampage a few weeks back.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Garret Buehler is another rider you don't see out at the races too often. He was in Mexico for some filming last week and decided to stick around for a siesta as well.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Someone forgot to tell Garret that you don't need a pack for a DH race ;)</b> - Trumpore

<b>#springbreak2013 for Gully.</b> - Trumpore

<b>These two guys were practicing wheel to wheel all day. Not sketchy at all.</b> - Trumpore

<b>The course here in Taxco has been modified a bit from last year and includes a lot more stairs. Yikes!</b> - Trumpore

<b>Half way down the track and you start to get a better view of all the old architecture in Taxco. The track actually goes right along the side of this cathedral as riders near the finish.</b> - Trumpore

<b>It's only Friday and the crowds are already showing up. These guys meant business and came complete with their own drum set.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Mitch Ropelato has returned to Taxco for a second year, and while he says he is just here for fun, you can be sure he will be going for it on race day.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Not only was Mitch leading Brendan out most of the day, he was also stealing Brendan’s signature move.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Brendan is the defending champ here, but has some tough competition this year from urban legends Marcelo Gutierrez and Filip Polc.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Polc is never scared of these urban races and was up to warp speed within just a few runs.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Somewhere between all the buildings is a race track.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Neko Mulally is back in Taxco for a second year. This is now his third urban DH and he looks to be a bit more comfortable on the streets than most.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Neko was one of a few riders that ran into spectators on course. While the track will have barricades up on race day, it is pretty much a free for all during practice.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Katie Holden likes to head south so it's no surprise she has decided to turn up for this event. There is a go around to this drop, but Katie's out there hitting it all the big stuff just like the guys. #blowout</b> - Trumpore

<b>Falling is not an option here, or any street race for that matter. Most riders who go down go down hard, and this is often how they arrive at the bottom.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Kelly McGarry is here as well. Here, Garret Buehler and Gully have a bit of a wager to see who will be crowned fastest freerider tomorrow.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Remy Metallier first caught our eye at Vital during Whip Off Worlds where he came away as our pick for top amateur. He is here in Taxco and is catching our eye with his style once again.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Remy had one of the sketchiest moments when he landed from a blind jump only to find a spectator was crossing the track on the landing, completely oblivious to what was going on.</b> - Trumpore

<b>It is Day of the Dead next weekend in Mexico, but there is a week of festivities in Taxco leading up to the big celebration.</b> - Trumpore

<b>One of the many jumps on track, next to one of the many course-side gift shops.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Marcello Gutierrez just finished his best World Cup season ever, but there is no rest for him this off season.</b> - Trumpore

<b>I'm pretty sure Marcello didn't even touch the ground coming down this steep set of stairs. He goes so fast it looks like he is just floating.</b> - Trumpore

<b>If there is one thing that sets Latin American races apart from the rest of the world, it's the fans. There are thousands of them, and they all want a piece of their favorite riders.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Bernardo Cruz showing that he has the speed to go with the style he showed while winning Whip Off Worlds earlier this summer.</b> - Trumpore

<b>Even after VW discontinued the original Beetle, Mexico continued to produce them until only a few years ago. It's entertaining to see hundreds of these zipping all over the city as the official taxi cab of Taxco.</b> - Trumpore

<b>The track starts just above the statue at the top of the hill. Race day is tomorrow. Who is your money on? #springbreak2013</b> - Trumpore

When the World Cups and Freeride World Tour are over, racers and freeriders alike head south of the border for some urban insanity. This time Taxco, Mexico is playing host to some big names with the likes of Fairclough, Bizet, Buehler, Gulevich, Ropelato, Neethling, Polc, Mulally, McGarry, Van Dine and Gutierrez in town. Then there are the local pinners... Get your cheer on as we bring the street action to you. It's going to be wild!
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  • Jergus

    10/28/2013 2:25 AM

    Nothing about winner ? Not even one photo during practice ?

  • davetrumpore

    10/28/2013 7:23 AM

    @jergus slideshow was created during practice on Friday, so we did not yet know the winner. We put a photo on the homepage of the winner right after the race and a full event recap and slideshow will be up shortly. It will be worth the wait ;-)

    Edit: Check it out! - http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Wild-in-Mexico-Taxco-Urban-DH-Race-and-Best-Trick,6590/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2

  • bturman

    10/26/2013 2:54 PM

    Check out Jon Buckell and Art Babcock having some fun on the lower doubles:

  • Dirty Jane

    10/26/2013 2:28 PM

    Go Remy!

  • SpokeApparel

    10/26/2013 12:59 PM

    Yup. Thanks for the coverage guys.

  • iceman2058

    10/26/2013 12:45 PM

    Damn it's good when urban DH season fires up!

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