Game Changer: Introducing the YT Capra 38

<b>Introducing the all-new 2014 YT Capra.</b>

<b>Meet Markus Flossmann, the founder, owner and CEO of YT Bikes. He's a shredder, too!</b>

<b>We spent a week with YT in Israel launching their latest creation. There were times when we considered driving off into the woods with the loot and never looking back... - Photo by Daniel Roos</b>

<b>Bikes are a numbers game, and YT got them right on the Capra: 160/170mm travel, 13kgs, 65.5 degree HA, 75 degree SA, and 27.5" wheels. It's DH-capable yet oh-so-easy to get back up the hill.</b>

<b>The spec is every bit as impressive as the numbers: carbon frame (with aluminum chainstays), BOS, XO1, Mavic, Renthal, and Reverb for the top-end model, at prices that will have you thinking the bean-counters got it wrong.</b>

<b>YT spec their bikes like the high-end custom machines that they are - there really is nothing you need to change out of the box.</b>

<b>Available in four colorways, the Capra keeps the styling relatively sober but oh so pretty in the flesh. We immediately felt at home on the the bike - a testament to just how well-executed the whole design is.</b>

<b>YT is short for Young Talent, and you are going to hear a lot more from these youngsters over the coming years.</b>

<b>The finish of the samples we rode was impeccable. The last of the pre-production runs pointed out no flaws, and YT are getting ready to ship the Capra as you read these lines.</b>

<b>BOS front and rear for the top-end model. The French suspension specialist provides a race-ready package that takes some dialing in to get right, but that delivers in spades once you do. There is a Rockshox option available as well.</b>

<b>A mix of internal and external cable routing keeps it all very tidy. The prices offered by YT are every bit as tidy - the top-end BOS-spec Capra goes for EUR 3999 (~USD $5500) while EUR 3499 (~USD $4800) buys you the Rockshox Pike version. US prices not final.</b>

<b>The Capra rides every bit as good as it looks.</b>

<b>Hanging out at the lowest point on Earth. Good news for YT fans, the bikes will be available in many countries outside of Europe as of 2015!</b>

<b>Zink, Lacondeguy, Granieri... and now Bryan Regnier. The YT family of pro riders is defined by a certain flair and a tendency to put fun first.</b>

<b>The latest recruit wasted little time showing up the boss and anybody else who threw a leg over the bike.</b>

<b>If you're getting a sense of Cedric Gracia deja vu, it's probably with good reason - Bryan went to school with the Sergeant of Shred for two years, and it shows both on and off the bike.</b>


<b>We spared no effort to put Bryan in the line of fire... - Photo by Daniel Roos</b>

<b>Always happy to go up "just one more time."</b>

<b>In the end, he still came out on top. #funfirst #pinittowinit</b>

<b>Bryan's moto roots are obvious - he's only been riding MTB for three years but was carrying silly speed into every new line, every time. Top 20 in the EWS overall in 2013 after missing one race - there is no doubt of his potential.</b>

<b>Bryan races Enduro, but confided that he would love a shot at Rampage one day. He'll certainly have enough inspiration on the YT team!</b>

<b>Did we mention that Bryan used to ride moto?</b>

<b>Putting the "mountain goat" through its paces in the Israeli desert.</b>

<b>Bryan discovered his new ride at the same time as we did, and he looked very comfortable on the Capra from the very first runs.</b>

<b>This is what Enduro looks like in 2014, boys and girls. Bryan's eyes are on the Top 10, but count on plenty of whips along the way!</b>

<b>Letting it all hang out. He should fit right in with the rest of the nutcases on YT's roster.</b>

<b>Speed, style, and no fear.</b>

<b>Whip it! Whip it good!</b>

<b>The team chemistry was obvious from day one, and Israel provided a spectacular backdrop, awesome trails, and the best riding weather anywhere to make sure good times were had by all. Humus, baby!</b>

<b>This little cabin in the woods was home base for the YT crew and a couple of lucky journalists for the week. The Capras never broke stride.</b>

<b>Stay tuned for more. We'll be bringing you an in-depth review of the Capra soon. It's an exciting ride that is sure to stir things up in 2014!</b>

Every now and then, a bike comes along to shake things up a bit. YT's all-new Capra is such an animal. This carbon-framed, 170mm travel Enduro bike weighs in at 28.5lbs and features a parts list that leaves no room for excuses, yet sells for far less than comparable models on the market today.

We spent one week with YT in Israel, discovering this exciting new ride in the company of a few select journalists. The bike launches today, February 28, 2014 - check out the first look feature above, then dive into specs and build info below.


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Photos, feature, and truck driving by Johan Hjord
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