First Look: Schwalbe's All-New 2014 Tires 1

<b>From left to right: Rock Razor (new), Hans Dampf, Magic Mary (new), and Dirty Dan. Schwalbe's four "Super Gravity" aces.</b>

<b>The new Magic Mary was designed as one tire to rule them all. Aggressive yet fast. Weight ranges from 780-1250 grams, depending on the size and casing.</b>

<b>It's all about the angles. The inside edge of the outer knobs alternates between 7 and 13-degrees to make cornering more predictable and braking better. V-grooves give additional biting edges, and the 90-degree cuts in many places help with cornering and braking grip.</b>

<b>The Magic Mary's outer knobs have lots of rollover support. Sipes provide more traction than a solid chunk. Also note to open channel between the center and outside, which helps the tire clean itself in muddy conditions.</b>

<b>Loic Bruni charging to a 2012 World Champs win on the Magic Mary. Feedback from racers helped evolve the Muddy Mary into the Magic Mary.</b> - Photo by Hoshi Yoshida

<b>Stevie Smith and the Devinci crew on the box at Hafjell.</b> - Photo by Sven Martin

<b>In 2014, Schwalbe will offer a whopping 10 tires in the 27.5 (650b) size. The Magic Mary will come in 2.35-inch x 26, 27.5, and 29-inch sizes.</b>

<b>Also new for 2014 is the Rock Razor. Designed for hardpack, loose over hardpack and rocky conditions, it's best suited for rear wheel use. Weight ranges from 665-965 grams.</b>

<b>Ramped center knobs and siped outer knobs with good support make for a quick tire that can still bite when leaned over.</b>

<b>Raised center knobs improve braking performance. The Rock Razor will initially only be available in a 2.35-inch width in 26 and 27.5-inch sizes. 29-inch will likely be offered in the future.</b>

<b>Insipired by motorcycle tire construction, the Super Gravity casing system (right) aims to bring sturdy sidewalls and puncture resistance of a DH tire (left) down to lower weights. Both share 4 sidewall layers, but the Super Gravity line uses a folding bead and is tubeless ready.</b>

<b>The major difference between the DH (top) and Super Gravity (bottom) is in the tread area, which has been reduced from 6 layers to 2 plus a protection layer. The change is said to make the Super Gravity tires more supple.</b>

<b>The combination of "Turn Up Construction" (versus the overlap in DH tires), a new apex (wedge) design, and the protection layer, known as Snake Skin, are key to the Super Gravity line.</b>

<b>Most Super Gravity tires are ~200 grams lighter per tire than the comparably sized DH versions. Add in the ability to go tubeless and there are some serious weight savings to be had.</b>

<b>Schwalbe's tire compounds and their locations take rebound resistance into serious consideration.</b>

<b>Damping in action. Which ball would yield a more predictable response in tire form?</b>

<b>At just 370 grams (26-inch), the Thunder Burt cross-country tire bridges the gap between the Racing Ralph and Furious Fred. Siped outer knobs provide additional cornering traction, and ~66 center knobs contact the ground.</b>

<b>The Thunder Burt will be available in 26, 27.5 and 29-inch diameters in a 2.1-inch width. For more on Schwalbe's new lineup, be sure to catch the intro video, below.</b>

Schwalbe is kicking things into high gear for 2014 with the launch of three brand new tread designs, multiple size options, and a larger range of tires sporting their unique Super Gravity construction. We sat down with Schwalbe's World Cup Race Support Manager, Michael Kull, at the Fort William World Cup for a first look at everything that's new and exciting.

Don't miss the intro video as well, which shows the tires in action under Stevie Smith and Nico Lau:

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