First Look: FSA Launches Disc Brakes & Chainring, New Gravity Bars & Stem 2

<b>Introducing the FSA Afterburner trail disc brakes. The flip-flop lever has an asymmetrical reservoir making them easy to bleed and more compact than many brakes.</b>

<b>Also new are the K-Force brakes, which are intended for XC use. Carbon composite levers and magnesium castings highlight the set.</b>

<b>With tool-free stroke and reach adjustments, the brakes can be set-up on-the-fly for a wide range of preferences.</b>

<b>Front and rear-specific hoses reportedly result in better braking performance, as riders tend to favor the rear brake.</b>

<b>FSA uses mineral oil in both sets of brakes.</b>

<b>The one-piece alloy calipers feature top-loading pads.</b>

<b>Two-piston stopping power...</b>

<b>Expect the Afterburner to go for $289 and the K-Force for $369.</b>


<b>FSA claims the longer teeth are great at keeping the chain on. The ring will come in both even and odd tooth counts.</b>

<b>Gravity's Gradient CSI (Carbon Structural Integration) 15mm riser bar comes in at 777mm wide.</b>

<b>The Gradient stem has an alloy body with a 40mm stack height. The stem is available in 60, 70,80,90, and 100mm lengths.</b>

<b>The Gradient stem features a carbon faceplate.</b>

<b>For more information stop by the booth at Eurobike or Interbike, or visit and</b>

The FSA / Gravity crew introduced us to five new products at Crankworx, including the FSA Afterburner and K-Force hydraulic disc brakes, Megatooth chainring, Gravity Gradient CSI bars and Gradient stem. Keep an eye out for the goods on the shelves and on the trails later this year.
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  • spoothead

    8/24/2013 10:49 AM

    Wait. did he say the magnesium casing has a coating to give it high porosity? WTF?

  • daniel.peters.984

    8/24/2013 9:29 PM

    i think it just means that the when you pull the brake the fluid travels to the piston quicker or the brakes is stronger