First Look: Prototype 2014 DVO Diamond Enduro Fork 18

<b>Bryson Martin of DVO shows off the new Diamond singlecrown fork. Features like the OTT adjustable negative spring carry over from the Emerald DH fork.</b>

<b>The DVO Diamond is a straight performance fork with hi and lo-speed compression adjust. There are no preset damping settings and external bells and whistles were not implemented to keep things clean and efficient.</b>

<b>The integrated fender will probably be carbon for final production. It's available in 26 and 27.5-inch sizes with 15mm axle size.</b>

<b>Travel is adjustable internally from 140 to 160mm with 35mm stanchions and a 1900g approximate weight. </b>

The DVO Diamond singlecrown enduro fork is here! Featuring 140-160mm of internally adjustable travel and availability in 26 and 27.5-inch versions with 35mm stanchions, 15mm axle and 1900g weight.
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