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First Look: All-New Crankbrothers Mallet DH/Race Pedals 6

<b>Chances are, if you ride or race downhill in Crankbrothers clips, you've been yearning for the new Mallet DH/Race pedal to launch. It's finally here.</b>

<b>"Keep it the same, but make it burlier" was the common request from the Pros. In doing so, they also added two additional traction pins to the design, per side.</b>

<b>The Mallet DH/Race has the same profile as the original mallet, plus all of the recent improvements Crankbrothers has made.</b>

<b>Doug Hadfield mounts up a fresh pair on a Santa Cruz Syndicate rig early in the 2012 World Cup season.</b>

<b>The redesigned body is more open, reducing weight and improving mud shedding. It's also lighter, weighing in at 479 grams.</b>

<b>And so the thrashing commenced...</b>

<b>One year and one World Championship later, they're ready.</b>

<b>Stevie and the Mallet DH/Race on top of the podium at the Hafjell, Norway World Cup. Yeah boy!</b>

<b>The redesigned, forged scm435 chromoly steel spindle tests 50% stronger than the previous design.</b>

<b>The q-factor (that's the distance from the centerline of right foot to center of your left foot) is increased a total of 10mm, or 5mm per spindle.</b>

<b>Sik Mick Hannah putting the hammer down in Norway.</b>

<b>The reverse-wound, over sized springs are said to be virtually unbreakable.</b>

<b>Now made from 300 series spring steel, the springs are burlier than before.</b>

<b>Fewer failures and higher strength are just what this guy ordered.</b>

<b>Two torx bolts and the axle hold the two-piece body together.</b>

<b>The outer cartridge bearing is well protected from muck and water by a seal and the end cap.</b>

<b>As a result of the two-piece design, the pedal has a new needle bearing and improved inner seal, lasting over 75,000 cycles without a leak when tested underwater.</b>

<b>If you're itching to try a pair, they're available now and backed by an impressive 5 year warranty. Check out <u><a href="http://www.crankbrothers.com" target="_blank">crankbrothers.com</a></u> for more details, and stay tuned for a Vital MTB review in the coming months.</b>

We sat down for a chat with Colin Esquibel, the man who took the new Crankbrothers Mallet DH/Race pedal from sketches to production, all the while interfacing with athletes like Steve Smith, Bryn Atkinson, and Steve Peat to ensure their needs were met on the World Cup DH Circuit.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Sven Martin