First Look: DT Swiss EX1501 Spline One 29 and FR Gravity 27.5 Wheels

<b>With increased demand from the big wheel enduro racing crowd, DT Swiss is now offering the EX1501 Spline One wheels in a 29-inch size.</b>

<b>A new "Squorx" nipple design gives builders a better way to tension the wheels. DT uses a pretty high tension to give the wheels a stiff feel. A unique internal washer system makes the rim's eyelet-less design possible, helping to spread out loads.</b>

<b>The ball and socket style interface lets the spoke follow a perfectly straight line from the hub to rim. There's a standard square nipple profile for quick adjustments.</b>

<b>DT Swiss spent a considerable amount of time refining the rim profile, making sure it would pair well with any tubeless tire design.</b>

<b>Internally, the rear hubs come pre-upgraded to the 36-tooth Ratchet System. It's a breeze to maintain and no tools are needed.</b>

<b>Sounds good, right?</b>

<b>A two-piece forged hub shell allows DT Swiss to keep the weight down while maintaining a reasonable price point. It's super thin and claimed to be quite strong.</b>

<b>The wheels ship with tubeless rim strips, valves, QR skewers and hub adapters.</b>

<b>Also new is the FR Gravity wheelset, which comes in the 27.5-inch size only. This one's made for all the new DH bikes and team riders.</b>

<b>They have a generous 27.5mm internal width and use DT's tried and true 240 hubs.</b>

<b>With more and more bikes making the move to 27.5, including DH rigs, it made sense for DT to offer the new wheel.</b>


<b>The FR Gravity rims are eyeleted and use 32 standard J-bend spokes per wheel.</b>

<b>A wider rim increases tire volume and adds sidewall stability.</b>

<b>Visit for more details.</b>

DT Swiss added a 29-inch version of their well-regarded EX1501 wheels to their Spline One lineup, citing increased demand from the long travel 29-inch enduro crowd. These wheels are built to take a beating and use many of DT’s best technologies.

They are also offering a new FR Gravity wheelset that features a 27.5mm internal width and come exclusively in the 27.5-inch wheel size. Expect to see them under several elite downhill racers this season.

DT Swiss EX1501 Spline One 29 Wheel Highlights

- Now offered in new 29-inch size
- Less than 1,800 grams per set
- 25mm internal width
- 30mm external width
- Welded seam
- Anodized and sand blasted finish
- Water slide decals
- Tubeless kit included
- Squorx nipples with ball and socket style interface
- DT thread locker used on nipples
- 28 2.0/1.8/2.0mm butted spokes
- DT 240S rear hub internals
- Upgraded 36-tooth ratchet system
- Two-piece forged hub shell
- Font hub adapts from 15mm to QR
- Rear hub adapts from 142x12mm to 135QR
- SRAM XD driver compatible
- MSRP $1,170

DT Swiss FR Gravity 27.5 Wheel Highlights

- 27.5-inch diameter only
- 1,960 grams per set
- 27.5mm internal width
- 33mm external width
- 32 spokes
- Tubeless kit included
- DT thread locker used on nipples
- DT Swiss 240 hubs
- Standard ratchet system
- Font hub adapts from 20mm to 15mm, 9mm or QR
- Two rear hubs available - 12x150/12x157 and 12x142/12x135/10x135/135QR
- SRAM XD driver compatible
- MSRP $1,200

Visit for more details.
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