First Look: 2014 e*thirteen TRSr Products 5

<b>e*thirteen launched their 2014 'Enduro Race' focused TRSr products at the Ashland Mountain Challenge.</b>

<b>The race provided a great setting to try out the new goods. Todd Bischoff fills us in on everything new and exciting.</b>

<b>e*thirteen's TRSr products are light enough for long days on the trails, but strong enough to take the thrashing of Enduro race weekends.</b>

<b>Stiff and light, the TRSr crank weighs in at 741 grams with the integrated dual ring and bottom bracket.</b>

<b>e*thirteen's APS adjuster replaces the wavy washer system, enabling simple, foolproof setup of the cranks.</b>

<b>The cranks felt solid while mashing down Ashland's high-speed trails and felt both torsionally and laterally stiff while compressing into the many corners and brake chatter.</b>

<b>The TRSr crank uses e*thirteen's proprietary P3 Connect interface. It's light and can handle large loads. The precision machined, aluminum faces keep the interface corrosion free for a consistent fit.</b>

<b>The crank features an integrated ring that is fixed with a simple lock-ring. The lack of chainring bolts helps keep creaking down, is light and requires fewer parts.</b>

<b>The cranks work with a wide range of integrated dual rings from e*thirteen, as well as a standard single ring and the new Guidering M from 28 to 38 tooth configurations.</b>

<b>e*thirteen updated their BB for the TRSr line, including a center tube between the bearing cups to help keep water and other contaminants out of your BB for longer life.</b>

<b>The TRSr BB features angular contact bearings, enabling them to take the the high loads of cornering and adding durability and strength.</b>

<b>e*thirteen has been busy dialing in a dual width ring. Their Guidering M contains a slightly different profile to others already on the market, in an effort to gain more retention and reduce wear.</b>

<b>e*thirteen is working on a coating that will stand the test of time so customers can be confident of a good lifespan and chain retention from their chainring.</b>

<b>The carbon backplates of the TRSr and LG1r guides are compression molded, enabling e*thirteen to strengthen where needed and lighten where it's not.</b>

<b>The guides are 25% lighter and 25% stronger than their aluminum counterparts. Final weight on the TRSr is just 76 grams!</b>

<b>The LG1r uses the same clever bash design. When struck hard enough, it breaks away from your drivetrain so you can ride out or finish that race run.</b>

<b>The TRSr wheelset and hubs are lighter, stronger and easier to service than any previous wheelset from e*thirteen.</b>

<b>The new rear hub is 60 grams lighter than the TRS+. The center body is carbon and is bonded to large flanges, though they were made a little smaller than previous hubs.</b>

<b>The 60-point engagement freehub made for quick pick up when getting on the gas. For those into loud hubs, it sounds fantastic! Adding some synthetic oil is advised for those that wish to quiet it down.</b>

<b>The freehub has two trick injection moulded stainless steel splines, making cassette removal easy by preventing the marring that sometimes makes your cassette stick on the hub. No more bloody knuckles!</b>

<b>The hub is ridiculously simple to take apart, and can be done with basic trail side tools. A 3mm allen key will do and you will have it done in seconds.</b>

<b>The pawls on the freehub internals are also made of injection molded stainless steel, with durability and reliability at the forefront of their design goals.</b>

<b>The hubs flanges were moved away from each other, creating greater bracing properties for a stiffer wheel. </b>

<b>Durability and dent resistance were a focal point in the design of the TRSr rim. Sidewalls contain 25% more material, and the internal width of the rim has been increased to 23.4mm for compatibility with 2.5-inch tires.</b>

<b>The wheel's rigidity was almost immediately noticed, despite coming off what we thought was a reasonably stiff, solid wheel. </b>

<b>The wheels feature specially designed tape that aims to remain light while being easy to use. Traditional J-bend spokes round out the package.</b>

<b>e*thirteen threw an updated flat pedal in as a surprise. The LG1r pedal weighs in at 406 grams, 62 grams lighter than its predecessor.</b>

<b>The lighter weight is thanks to a titanium axle and heat treated aluminum pins.</b>

<b>The pins are available in a more traditional 5mm length, and 7mm for those that want to scare their shins a little!</b>

<b>The pedals retain the spin control feature and the seals have been updated to speed up the break-in period while still keeping contaminants out.</b>

<b>Cranks and guides are available now, while the wheels, hubs, Guidering M and LG1r pedals should be available come September.</b>

<b>Thanks to Ashland Mountain Adventures, Callahans Lodge and e*thirteen for a great weekend aboard some interesting new products! Check out <u><a href="" target="_blank"></a></u> for more details.</b>

Join us in Ashland, Oregon for a look at e*thirteen's latest TRSr products, designed with the needs and wants of the enduro and all-mountain rider in mind. The impressive lineup includes the TRSr Crankset in a dual or single ring configuration, Guidering M, TRSr and LG1r guides, wheelset and hubs.

Photos by AJ Barlas and Long Nguyen
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  • loco.ola

    7/4/2013 8:52 AM

    Really like the look of their stuff. Do you know what the retail of the wheels will be when released?

  • mp

    7/4/2013 11:39 AM

    It'll be over a grand, you can count on that.

  • loco.ola

    7/4/2013 1:53 PM

    I suspect I may pickup some trs ones soon on sale :-)

  • ardor

    7/16/2013 6:13 PM

    Hey Loco.ola. Looking at a US MSRP on the TRSr wheels of ~$1,200

  • b-kul

    7/3/2013 7:10 PM

    what about a guide like the mrp amg or the blackspire trail x to go with the smaller rings?

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