First Look: 2014 Scott Stego and Mythic Enduro/All-Mountain Helmets 4

<b>Introducing the Scott Stego and Mythic helmets. Both are geared toward riders who are really getting after it in enduro races and all-mountain rides.</b>

<b>Scott and MIPS have expanded their collaboration for 2014 with the Stego. MIPS is also available in the Lin and Taal helmets.</b>

<b>Scott rep and super pinner Ryan Condrashoff let's 'er rip in the Stego down one of the hairier trails in Deer Valley, Utah.</b>

<b>The MIPS system is meant to protect against angled impacts, which are most common in cycling according to studies on head injuries.</b>

<b>The yellow low friction layer can rotate up to 15mm in any direction, and adds just 20-25 grams to the weight of the helmet.</b>

<b>MIPS is meant to imitate your brain's natural safety functionality, and is cleanly integrated into the EPS shell.</b>

<b>Just like how your brain can twist inside the skull because of spinal fluid, the low friction layer allows the helmet to pivot while still remaining secure.</b>

<b>Condro slashing some steep turns with just 380 grams on his dome.</b>

<b>The Mythic offers the same styling and nearly identical features in a traditional non-MIPS package.</b>

<b>Large vents and deep internal cooling channels ensure the lids will ventilate well. They also feature two brow vents to keep your forehead cool.</b>

<b>Green or black for the Stego. What's your flavor?</b>

<b>The Mythic will come in orange, blue, black, white. Looking good!</b>

<b>Both helmets feature Scott's easy to adjust MRAS II Fit System with three height settings.</b>

<b>Sunglass or goggles, Scott has you covered.</b>

<b>SO ENDURO</b>

<b>The adjustable visor up front gives a few degrees of motion, which should help prevent damage in case of a fall.</b>

<b>The visor can also be removed if that's your thing.</b>

<b>A nice, wide, flat area on top allows you to easily mount helmet cams or lights for night riding.</b>

<b>For more details, cruise over to <u><a href="" target="_blank"></a></u>. Boom!</b>

With trail, all-mountain, and enduro bikes becoming more and more suited to silly fast speeds and feats of awesome, Scott Sports worked with a Swiss University to identify most vulnerable areas the head, then designed two helmets to protect those critical areas as best as possible. Introducing the 2014 Scott Stego and Mythic...

Photos by Brandon Turman
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  • gymnast46

    7/26/2013 12:20 PM

    The Stego is available in the US from

  • sunil

    8/3/2013 10:41 PM

    These helmets are hot as balls (pardon my french, just quoting from below). At the moment is the place to get on the list for this helmet (I can't find anywhere else, props!). I would sign up, but you lads don't seem to offer the orange version. The black/green are very nice, I'm board in a pinch. But, you got orange?

  • Headshot

    7/19/2013 3:45 AM

    Crash tests?

  • tbox

    7/18/2013 4:51 PM

    The MIPS is a good idea, however, that helmet looks hot as balls.

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