First Look: All-New 2014 Scott Genius LT 4

<b>Introducing the 2014 Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned. After a major overhaul, this rig looks clean and means business. Dan Roberts fills us in.</b>

<b>For 2014, the Genius LT goes from 185mm to 170mm travel with a new suspension design. The bike also has improved climbing geometry, making it more suited to all-day adventures.</b>

<b>All said and done, the HMX carbon frame weighs 2,450 grams including shock and hardware. That's 400 grams less than last year. Huge.</b>

<b>Going up! We had the opportunity to ride the new bike in Deer Valley, Utah, home to some rowdy terrain.</b>

<b>Ryan Condrashoff on the gas.</b>

<b>With 170mm of travel and pretty aggressive geometry to work with, just about any trail becomes tamable.</b>


<b>A semi-integrated tapered headtube and internal everything routing clean the front end up nicely.</b>

<b>12x142mm IDS-SL dropouts reduce swingarm flex. They can also be adapted to 12x135mm or 5x135mm if desired.</b>

<b>The LT offers a fun, lively ride that is easy to get off the ground.</b>

<b>Goodbye DT Swiss Equalizer 3, hello Scott-FOX Nude shock - a component that will land on the 2014 Scott Spark and Genius as well.</b>

<b>The use of two internal air chambers allows you to remotely adjust the volume of the shock while simultaneously changing the damping characteristics.</b>

<b>Scott's Twinloc lever switches between three modes: 1. Descend = 170mm travel, full air volume, supple damping 2. Traction = 135mm travel, reduced volume, increased damping 3. Climb = 0mm travel, reduced volume, locked-out damping</b>

<b>The 170mm FOX fork simultaneously switches between Climb, Trail, and Descend modes, but remains at 170mm travel in both Descend and the middle Traction/Trail mode.</b>

<b>This geometry adjustment chip allows you to change the head angle by 0.5-degrees and bottom bracket height by 6mm. In its slackest setting, the bike has a 66.3-degree head angle and 346mm BB height.</b>

<b>Railing! We found the bike to handle best when it's setup low and slack, offering more snap in the turns and ability over the rowdy stuff.</b>

<b>Barny Rubble - the rock garden that struck fear into the hearts of former NORBA downhill racers.</b>

<b>Calm and composed through the Rubble.</b>

<b>Trail bike or DH ride? The Genius LT puts both within reach.</b>

<b>The LT features a new 35mm diameter carbon Syncros bar and stem. At 760mm they offer enough width for just about anyone.</b>

<b>A Press-Fit 92 bottom bracket, direct front derailleur mount, and optional integrated chainstay-style chainguide (not shown) highlight the BB area.</b>

<b>Floating from turn to turn with ease.</b>

<b>Do it all? It's certainly possible.</b>

<b>If you live for the downs, the Genius LT is a good bet.</b>

<b>Effortless style. Condro kills it.</b>

<b>Effortless style. Condro kills it.</b>

<b>Effortless style. Condro kills it.</b>

<b>Effortless style. Condro kills it.</b>

<b>The Genius LT 700 Tuned retails for $7,600 and will be available around Interbike. It will also come in the $5,550 LT 710 and $4,000 LT 720 models.</b>

<b>Watch the LT in motion with Brendog, Nino, and Theo, then cruise over to <u><a href=""></a></u> for more details.</b>

For 2014, Scott went back to the drawing board with their big-mountain, do-it-all Genius LT. The redesigned bike features 170mm travel, 27.5-inch (650B) wheels, aggressive geometry, and a simple lever that enables you to pedal it up anything you'd like to rally back down.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Scott Sports -
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  • NWP

    8/7/2013 3:07 PM

    I like the idea of this bike as a potential up-grade from my 2011 Scott Genius LT20. One aspect of my current ride I like is the adjustable front & rear travel adjustability (F180-140mm, R180-110mm). But this new Genius LT loses its fork travel adjust. What's it like climbing or riding trail on a 170mm fork with 135mm on the rear? I realise that this limited amount of travel is in the top part of the full range. By the way, for all those concerned about breaking the travel adjust lever, I've come off my bike many times but never broken it, though the Reverb lever has suffered sometimes.

  • tcmtnbikr

    7/20/2013 12:25 PM

    Holy looping cable under the BB batman!

    Also, that CS length is approaching DH bike lengths...take an act of congress to manual it but that's the compromise needed to keep 27.5" wheels from rubbing the seat tube with 170mm travel.

  • JCL

    7/20/2013 10:39 AM

    As clever as the suspension is I'd like a frame only with a standard shock.

  • gregory.mackenzie

    7/25/2013 11:19 AM

    JCL, simple, just don't hook up the cable!

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