First Look: 2014 Norco Sight Killer B Carbon 2

<b>Norco's hugely successful Sight Killer B is going carbon for 2014!</b>

<b>The Sight uses "Gravity Tune," which is a unique way of sizing frames. The front and rear end grow proportionally with each size.</b>

<b>It's a pure 650B affair. 419 to 435mm chainstays, size dependent.</b>

<b>Optional 1x11 gearing on some models.</b>

<b>The bike's 140mm of rear travel is actuated by a one-piece Holloform link, and has a progressive leverage curve.</b>

<b>It features the same dialed geometry as its aluminum predecessor, but with the added strength, stiffness and weight savings of carbon.</b>

<b>The internal cable and Reverb Stealth routing is dialed.</b>

<b>360-Lock hardware aims to improve bearing life and wear big time.</b>

<b>New for 2014, all Sight and Range models will have internal chainstay routing. The cables now also follow the downtube to avoid being bent when the bike is compressed.</b>

<b>Norco went with the Syntace X12 system on the rear end, which couples a 142x12mm rear axle with a unique derailleur hanger. The Sight also has brake post mounts.</b>

<b>There's a spare hanger bolt located on the frame near the BB area if it's ever needed.</b>

<b>A 67.5-degree head angle should do the trick for most riders.</b>

<b>MSRP on the Sight Killer B carbon will range from $3,800 to $7,000, depending on the model, with weight starting at just 25-pounds.</b>

<b>The Sight Carbon will be available in Spring, 2014. Keep your eyes peeled!</b>

Seen first as a prototype under Jill Kintner on her way to a big win at the Sea Otter Classic, the Norco Sight Killer B makes the leap to carbon for 2014.

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  • Nicholast

    8/26/2013 2:56 PM

    I'm stoked that bike frame manufacturers are starting to build frames around 1x11. When you don't have to accommodate a front derailleur, you can move the drive-side main pivot bearing outward toward the chainring to better handle the insane loads that bearing experiences. I don't know if Norco did this or if just left off the front derailleur mounts on the 1x11 models, but if they did, props to them; should make for a killer stiff frame.

  • JeffDonnelly

    8/26/2013 1:51 PM

    I wonder why they chose those colors... It looks like devinci paint.