First Look: 2014 BMC Trailfox TF01 29 - The Swiss Army Knife Just Got a Bigger Blade 15

<b>What has BMC been up to lately? It's time to pull back the sheet to find out...</b>

<b>Introducing the all-new 2014 BMC Trailfox TF01 29, a long travel 29er with an attitude. In previous years the BMC Trailfox’s "do-anything, go-anywhere versatility" has been likened to that of the Swiss Army Knife. This year it gets a bigger blade.</b>

<b>In a time when nearly every company is jumping on the 650B/27.5-inch wheel bandwagon, BMC jumped straight to 29, eliminating the previous 26-inch model in the process.</b>

<b>It wasn't without a lot of testing, though. BMC fabricated dozens of test mules, including 650B models, but in the end the 29 won out based on the clock.</b>

<b>Sporting 150mm (5.9-inches) of travel, the TF01 29 is aimed squarely at the heart of the Enduro race scene, and has been proven by the BMC Trailcrew at the Enduro World Series.</b>

<b>For BMC, this is the ultimate race weapon. Long, low, and slack, it packs a punch. The full carbon TF01 frame weighs 2,490 grams. That's 40 grams less less than its predecessor.</b>

<b>Out back, 150mm of travel is delivered via BMC's APS suspension system - a Virtual Pivot design that's progressive with strong anti-squat characteristics. FOX's new Float X shock complements the bike well.</b>

<b>As with all BMC bikes, there's a convenient sag indicator to get you on the trail quickly.</b>

<b>BMC resolved the long chainstay dilemma in part by slackening the seat tube angle and moving it forward, but the effective angle remains near the same.</b>

<b>In combination with a unique front derailleur mount (shown here covered), the result is a 435mm (17.1-inch) chainstay length. That's at least 5mm shorter than the vast majority of comparable rides.</b>

<b>Internal cable routing enters through custom ports and follows the downtube.</b>

<b>Stealth routing is a highlight many will appreciate.</b>

<b>Injection molded chainstay and downtube guards help protect the investment.</b>

<b>With 45mm more standover, the looks and maneuverability of the new Trailfox have been improved. There's still enough room for a water bottle as well.</b>

<b>The headtube height has been greatly reduced too, which was key to achieving a balanced ride with the 29-inch platform.</b>

<b>Tobias Woggon leans the Trailfox over, big wheels and all.</b>

<b>A 12x142mm rear axle keeps things stiff out back.</b>

<b>The Post Mount disc brake features replaceable threaded inserts and can fit up to 203mm rotors.</b>

<b>Compared to the 2013 Trailfox, the 2014 model has been lengthened substantially, bringing it up to speed with modern geometries.</b>

<b>55mm stems and 750mm wide bars are found across the line. Short and wide, just they way we like it.</b>

<b>An integrated chain management system gives an extra sense of security, regardless of whether the bike is XX1 equipped or not. An optional ISCG mount allows a standard chain guide to be easily mounted.</b>

<b>A BB90 press fit bottom bracket completes the package.</b>

<b>So what's the biggest advantage? BMC says it's flat out speed.</b>

<b>The Trailfox 29 will be available in late 2013. Check out <b><a href=""></a></b> for more details.</b>

Not afraid to stand apart from the crowd, BMC skipped over the 650B craze when crafting their latest and greatest mountain bike to date - the all-new long travel Trailfox TF01 29. We met up with BMC R&D specialist Guillaume Farin for a run down of everything special about the new ride.

Having tested multiple wheel sizes and geometry configurations against the clock, the company landed on a 150mm travel 29er with relaxed angles and a surprisingly short rear end. BMC touts "good stability, incredible rollover, unprecedented agility, and phenomenal grip" as the main ride characteristics of the Trailfox.

The Trailfox line includes the full carbon TF01, as well as the carbon front/aluminum rear TF02 and full aluminum TF03. Complete prices range from $11,999 for the decked out TF01 XTR build to $3,999 for the more affordable TF03, with weights ranging from 26.9 to 31.3-pounds (12.2 to 14.2kg), respectively. For more information, cruise over to

Photos by BMC and Brandon Turman
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