First Look: 2013 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO 29er 2

Welcome back to Snowbird, Utah, home of the 2013 Specialized Press Launch. Last time we introduced the <font color="#FF0000"><u><a href=",3995/Slideshow,0/bturman,109" target="_blank">S-Works Enduro</a></u></font>, now we're taking a closer look at the new Stumpy EVO 29er.

Eric Schuda spills the beans on the new FACT carbon 29er from Specialized.

Aside from the addition of a carbon version and a more affordable aluminum version, little has changed to the trusty Stumpjumper. That's not a bad thing.

Eric is on point with his "downhiller's XC bike" assessment. The short stem, moderately wide bars, and relatively slack head angle will feel right at home to most downhillers.

Here's the 2013 Stumpy Expert Carbon Evo in the 26-inch variety. Save the wheel size, the build spec is nearly identical to the 29er.

A Gamut bashring and 2X guide keep things in check up front. You'll be happy it's there considering the trails you'll want to ride on the Stumpy EVOs.

New rubber for 2013. The updated Purgatory is a dual compound, "2Bliss" ready traction factory. It worked well in Snowbird's loose to loose-over-hard-top conditions.

The Butcher will also be available in a big-wheel version next year. This is an impressive all-around tire and a smart choice for the front end.

The Command Post BlackLite makes a comeback for another year. Save an incredibly fast rebound rate, this three-position dropper did the trick very nicely.

Little details...

Out back the bike is sprung by a Fox Float CTD Factory shock with AutoSag. We were impressed by just how easy it was to set the bike up.

The big difference between the Stumpjumper FSR and Stumpjumper FSR EVO is in the rear end, which provides more travel, a lower bb, and a slacker head angle.

We rode the 26-inch bike first and found it to be an incredibly playful bike, so expectations were high when we straddled the 29er...

Aussie shredder, [R]evolution Magazine editor, and 26-inch wheel advocate Jonathan Taylor came away surprised by just how capable the 29er is. He was slashing it into turns with ease.

Fox's 2013 34 Talas CTD and updated Roval wheels keep the front end just about as stiff as it could it be, crucial to keeping the ride quality in check.

Just how rowdy can you get on a 29er? Plenty.

We weren't believers at first, but we've gotta admit it that big wheels are growing on us for certain trails, especially those at the Specialized camp. The new Stumper EVO 29er proved to be very capable and very fast over Snowbird's mixed terrain.

Like riding fast, taking chances, schralping turns and hitting bonus lines on the sides of trails? Then there's a good chance you'd enjoy this bike, big wheels and all. Here's a quick overview of the newest addition to the Stumpjumper EVO line. - Photos by Brandon Turman and Dan Campbell
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  • Relegate

    7/27/2012 10:05 AM

    I hated the idea of 29ers being any good, and had the opportunity to take a Stumpy 29er FSR Comp out for a 3.5 hour ride in mixed, desert-esque terrain. I was very surprised at how jumpable the bike was, and it changed my mind of what the monster trucks of cycling can do... very fast, very smooth, liked to be pushed and have its tail wagged out! I put a Stumpy 29 Evo FSR Carbon on order... can't wait to get over myself. =)

  • el capitan

    7/18/2012 7:18 PM

    Good stuff, love my '12 stumpy evo 26er.. some nice tweaks for '13..

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