2013 Scott Gambler 10 - From Freeride To Race

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2013 Scott Gambler 10 - From Freeride To Race - First Look: 2013 Scott Gambler 10 - Ready For Production - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

From the onset of 2012, Scott has taken its partnership with Brendan Fairclough very seriously, and their relationship influenced the massive change in the Gambler. It's now more race oriented, but is still capable of the freeride side of things.

Scott's primary goals with the new Gambler were to make it lighter, stiffer, and more adjustable than the previous version. They said that they wanted a bike that could be equally as playful in a bike park and capable on a race course. After three prototypes, they've arrived at this production version.

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First Look: 2013 Scott Gambler 10 - Ready For Production

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