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FIRST LOOK: 2014 Felt Mountain Bike Lineup 3

<b>2014 Felt Virtue Nine 1 - MSRP $6199, weight approximately 26 lbs and 130mm travel. The carbon frame lay up has not been finalized, so weight is approximate at this point.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>2014 Felt Virtue Nine 2 - MSRP $3799, weight 13.56 kg/29.9 lbs, 130mm travel.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>The Virtue 29 features a new derailleur hanger that stays in place and makes wheel removal a snap.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>New pivot hardware and axles increase stiffness while reducing weight compared to previous models.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>2014 Felt Compulsion LT3 - MSRP $3999, weight 13.56 kg/29.9 lbs, 26-inch wheels, 150/160mm adjustable travel and used by Felt's enduro racers, Casey Coffman and Kyle Warner.</b>

<b>Flip chip for 150mm or 160mm of travel on the Compulsion.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>2014 Felt Compulsion Equilink and pivot details.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>A proprietary bottled-on rear axle nut is one of the upgrades on the 2014 Compulsion</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt uses the FAST and Equilink suspension systems on their bikes.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Equilink is a 6-bar design used on the longer travel trail bikes...</b> -Ian Collins

<b>While FAST (Felt Active Stay Technology) is used on the XC-oriented rigs.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Aussie racing legend, Scott Sharples, showing off the new bikes...</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt worked with RockShox to custom tune the damper elements used on the 2014 bikes.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>The custom-tuned RockShox shocks allow the bikes to perform at their best.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt has an in-house rapid prototype machine to aid in the fitment and design process.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Internal routing as well as Reverb Stealth routing is on all frames where ever possible.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>2014 Felt Edict Nine FRD - MSRP $8999, weight 10.13 kg/22.07 lbs, 100mm travel, high-tech XC weapon!</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt Racing Development models use Textreme carbon lay up.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt's In-house frame flex and stress tester.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Felt is the only bike company using the Textreme carbon technology.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>The Textreme carbon provides strength, impact protection, but incredibly light weights.</b> -Ian Collins

<b>Thanks go out to Felt for giving us the inside look at their 2014 MTB line up. Check out www.feltbicycles.com for more information.</b> -Ian Collins

Felt introduced their 2014 mountain bike line up with some killer refinements, technology and the addition of the Virtue 29 models. Felt's long travel models continue to use the Equilink 6-bar suspension platform that has been refined and enhanced with new pivot axles and hardware, while the shorter travel bikes use the FAST suspension platform (Felt Active Stay Technology). Check out the highlights of the 2014 Felt range as we focus on four models of varying price, spec and riding style.

2014 Felt Compulsion LT3 - MSRP $3999, weight 13.56 kg/29.9 lbs
2014 Felt Virtue Nine1 - MSRP $6199, weight approximately 26 lbs
2014 Felt Virtue Nine 2 - MSRP $3799, weight 13.56 kg/29.9 lbs
2014 Felt Edict Nine FRD - MSRP $8999, weight 10.13 kg/22.07 lbs

Visit www.feltbicycles.com for more info