SLIDESHOW: Enduro World Series, Punta Ala Day 2 - Practice and Preparation 8

<b>Today EWS front man, Chris Ball, gave the entire course a run-through. There were concerns that the recent heavy rain has caused some slow-rolling liaison times. With a field of 500 competitors there is no other choice but to scrap Special Stage 2. Even with an early start, the last rider will be rolling into the finish around 6pm on Sunday.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Mark Fitzsimmons of Fox Racing Shox is on the Enduro World Series Advisory Board and makes sure to get some time on the trails. Enduro is about participation not spectating.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Dan Atherton is always a bit of a non-conformist. Minimal practice runs but maximum course walks. Today's conditions had many a rider changing tire set ups.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>The terrain in Punta Ala is technical, rough and full of old trail. Something we won't see at every EWS race venue.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Sven slyly shoots steep, slippery, slimy, shady, slabby, S-turns. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>With the format and series being new, there has been a lot of shuttling for practice going on. If Fitzy and the Enduro World Series Advisory Board have anything to say, that will change in the future.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>This is no bike park.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>27.5-inch Schwalbe tires on Josh Carlson's bike.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Josh puts those tires to the test as he reflects on last night's rain. This one is for you Breach and Flipper.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Junior World Champ, Loic Bruni's new 24-inch proto - Enduro Lapierre Marina. He's a forward-thinker.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Extra nutrition with the muddy water bottle? Grams is time, Graves!</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Cedric Gracia and Sven take a moment to talk about DH World Champs in Pietermartizburg later this year. Richness!</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Nicolas Vouilloz will be on SRAM wheels from now on. Carbon and electronics. The future is here.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Dirt TV are here for a full dissection of the Enduro World Series. Red Epics, scratched lenses and classic Steve Jones commentary. Gold.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>We actually did a tally there are 14 World Champions here racing at Punta Ala! If you can name them all in the comments you win another shirt from Vital MTB. To start you off here is one of them and he's gordo's pick for the win.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Nico Lau. Top three on Sunday. That's my prediction. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>Nico Lau's race bike....something you don't see in the U.S.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Kelli Emmett had no problem on the slippery roots today. </b> -Sven Martin

<b>Andrea Brunos Transition Covert with CSixx chainguide.</b> -Sven Martin

<b>Riding with your buddy is what enduro is about. Stay tuned for racing action on Saturday with the urban Prologue from Punta Ala and the first Enduro World Series race!</b> -Sven Martin

Rain has soaked Punta Ala and the decision has been made to cut out Special Stage 2 of the race on Sunday. Even with that stage removed, the field of 500 riders will be out for an all-day adventure. See how the riders are practicing and preparing on the eve of the first competition in Italy.
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  • sspomer

    5/18/2013 11:34 AM

    Urban Prologue Results are posted! View them here

  • Scott_Townes

    5/18/2013 8:13 AM

    ACC- that's all that matters

  • Jblack89

    5/18/2013 4:23 AM

    Fabien barel
    greg minnar
    steve peat
    josh bryceland
    brian lopes
    cam cole
    jared graves
    emilinne ragot
    tracy mosely
    loic bruni
    ann caroline
    nico vouillaz
    Anneke Beerten
    Michael Prokop

  • rich.gardiner

    5/18/2013 4:21 AM

    Lau's bike....Schwalbe Magic Mary?

  • Scrub

    5/17/2013 11:44 PM

    Fabien Barel
    Brian Lopes
    Anne Caroline Chausson
    Loic Bruni
    Emmeline Ragot
    Nicolas Vouilloz
    Steve Peat
    Greg Minnaar
    Josh Bryceland
    Anais Pajot
    Anneke Beerten
    Michal Prokop
    Tracey Moseley
    Jared Graves

    Kelli Emmett (single speed)

  • sspomer

    5/17/2013 11:53 PM

    what'd you do, just name every world champ there has been? hahaha

  • Scrub

    5/18/2013 12:06 AM

    Just a little EWS homework on a Friday night.

  • sspomer

    5/18/2013 10:05 AM

    sven just wrote, "Scrub wins." good job! check your email soon.

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