Enduro Racing Action from Hood River, Oregon Enduro Series 9

<b>Team Giant destroyer, Josh Carlson, was first on course and held that #1 plate all weekend with an overall victory and backup to his 2012 victory.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Weather conditions changed quickly all weekend. it could look ominous one minute and quite amazing the next. Mt Hood opting for quite amazing.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>The first shuttle from Cog Wild heads up the hill to get this party started.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Stage 1 trail clearing with Charlie Sponsel and his boy KrunkShox in tow.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Curtis Keene, The American Dream, keeping it fun in practice. His method worked for a 5th overall this weekend.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Paying attention pays off? Josh Carlson and Adam Craig listen in at the riders meeting and earned 1st and 2nd place by the end of the weekend.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Enduro practice is the best because it's just friends taking runs and having fun. The end of stage 1, a local favorite.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Practice can also an eye opener for some.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Enduro growing pains.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Joe "PBJ" Lawwill is always having fun. </b> -Cory Tepper

<b>POV from Casey Coffman and Joe Lawwill</b>

<b>Local boy, Drew Cone, didn't get to race due to a full roster, so he got busy Instagramming. #epic #greasy </b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Practice trains with the Southern Califorinia's Incycle Team.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Rosara Joseph hucks into the middle of Stage 5 and an overall win in the Pro Women's class.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Transition stages are where races are won and lost. Psychological strategy and straight up shit-talking can break your fellow competitors.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>The expert men awaiting their start on Stage 3.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Jeff Kendal-Weed (Ibis) getting some on Stage 3.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Aaron Bradford and Lacava point out the enemy (me, the media).</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Trail Boss, Sam Pinner, makes sure that his trail was up to par as a new part of the Hood River Enduro course. USA.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>2005 Masters DH World Champion and Hood River local drops in to Bad Moto Scooter with proper form. Jason Sigfrid ladies and germs.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Ben Gore with a funky looking wrist. Rider down.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>'Merican Radness = skate lid, whiskey and hauling ass. Rob Crump at his first enduro.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Nom nom. Thanks for the grub, Chris King.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>X-games gold medalist Allan Cooke playing on his adult bike.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Team Robot is all about supporting your team mates with positivity.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Giant's Kelli Emmet blasting Stage 5 on her way to 2nd place. Homemade tilt-shift lens FTW.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Kyle Warner has been busting ass all winter and earned a respectable 12th overall. Watch out for this kid, he's going places.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Professionals. Nick Gibson and Matthew Slaven.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Aaron Bradford. Short on travel and big on wheels (and balls). 3rd overall. Thanks for the beer Aaron.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Typical Oregon hipster crowd remnants.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Adam Craig doing Adam Craig things through the rocks. 2nd overall.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Kyle Warner explains to Lars Sternberg and John Buckell the benefits of no front tire. #future</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Lars N Bars on his first 27.5-wheeled raced. 8th overall and a little more monstery trucky.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Birthday boy and local shredder Tyler Horton (Dirty Fingers Bike Shop) grinds out the last pedal section right to 4th overall in Pro. So stoked for him.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Results are up! Or are they? Slaven looks amused.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Pro Women's podium media blitz.</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>Pro Mens Podium. 1.Josh Carlson, 2.Adam Craig, 3.Aaron Bradford, 4.Tyler Horton</b> -Cory Tepper

<b>The real winner this weekend? Beer. So long from Hood River.</b> -Cory Tepper

Mud, sweat and beers. That sums up the Hood River race of the 2013 Oregon Enduro Series. This race was also the first race in the North American Enduro Tour (NAET). Soak up the sights, sounds and suds.

Race Description from Oregon Enduro
The Hood River event will kick off both the Oregon Enduro Series and the North American Enduro Tour. Hood River’s amazing variety of terrain will be the perfect start to the season. This challenging two day event will offer multiple stages on both days. The trails in Post Canyon FLOW naturally through the rolling hills and will challenge you with its STEEP and TECHNICAL rocky landscape. The EXPO area will be at the bottom of the Post Canyon trail network just a few miles outside of town. The area is a scenic wonderland of natural beauty in every season. In addition to being the windsurfing capital of the world, Hood River offers kite boarding and stand-up paddle boarding, mountain and road biking, hiking, whitewater kayaking and rafting, fishing, and world-class skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.
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  • b-kul

    5/29/2013 8:56 AM

    dont suck dont suck dont suck!

  • mattradical

    5/29/2013 8:49 AM

    MericanRadness.com... way to go Rob Crump, looking good!
  • bafusridesbikes

    5/28/2013 10:46 PM

  • Earl_Pitser

    5/28/2013 10:00 PM

    ...oh and Jason Sigfrid NW legend for the win.

  • Earl_Pitser

    5/28/2013 9:53 PM

    Tyler = Awesome, Pinner = amusing, Viceroy = enduro real world series?

  • erwinmruiz

    5/28/2013 9:48 PM

    Josh Carlsons prototype rig looks really groovy

  • bturman

    5/28/2013 9:36 PM

    Thanks for clearing out those nasty puddles, Team Brobot and Krunkshox! Best ever.

  • Mr. P

    5/28/2013 9:35 PM

    Nice one Cory! Loved it!

    Nom. Nom. lol.


  • Uncle Cliffy

    5/28/2013 9:18 PM

    Thanks Vital! Nice work Cory!

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