EXCLUSIVE & In Depth: First Ride on the DVO Emerald Fork & Jade Shock 40

<b>Now well over a year in the making, DVO's suspension products are nearing production.</b>

<b>After several iterations and countless hours of testing, DVO feels it's time to move forward. Several key features have evolved since we last examined the Emerald fork when it was introduced last November.</b>

<b>Not to be forgotten, the Jade coil shock has progressed as well.</b>

<b>Out with the old, in with the new. The Trek Session 9.9 served as our test sled for two days of riding in Whistler, BC.</b>

<b>One of the most unique features of the Emerald is the 'Off The Top' adjustment. Known as OTT for short, the adjustment can drastically change the initial stroke feel of the fork.</b>

<b>In addition to standard the air pressure adjustment, riders can also dial in their negative spring force as well as the air spring curve from linear to progressive, depending on their personal preference.</b>

<b>The inverted design was appealing to DVO for several reasons, but they knew they'd have some major obstacles to overcome.</b>

<b>Thinking outside of the box led the team to the Carbon Torsion Arch (CTA), which keys into slots on each side of the dropouts.</b>

<b>The CTA utilizes a sheets of carbon fused to a separate core material, allowing the brace to function much like a traditional tube when resisting twisting forces at the axle. Does it work? We hit the hill to find out.</b>

<b>The plan for the test session was simple. Ride lots and adjust as needed.</b>

<b>Dave Trumpore, photographer by day and former World Cup shredder by night, dials things in.</b>

<b>Bryson Martin, DVO's founder and owner, has an immense amount of suspension knowledge and experience, something we'd lean on for input throughout the day.</b>

<b>Dialed in and ready to roll, we mounted up and took to the lifts.</b>

<b>Commence shredding.</b>

<b>Whistler's huge variety of rowdy terrain served as the perfect place to try things out, especially considering how beat up the trails were during Crankworx. The Emerald's impressive small bump sensitivity was immediately noticed.</b>

<b>The ability to quickly adjust both the air spring and negative spring (OTT) allowed us to make big changes quickly.</b>

<b>The impact OTT has on the fork is huge. As the day progresses and you begin to fatigue, you're able to soften the feel up without impacting the full range of travel. Plush but firm is now an option.</b>

<b>The little bit of torsional compliance offered by the inverted design wasn't a nuisance. It helped the bike track far better, in fact. There was little to no stiction while the fork was loaded in turns, unlike many other designs.</b>

<b>Both the high and low-speed compression adjustments made noticeable changes to the fork's behavior, and a wide range of clicks made fine-tuning possible. The fork uses high flow compression ports to eliminate harshness while allowing the tapered shim stack to deliver the dynamic damping. That's Bryson Martin Jr. pinned through the roots.</b>

<b>The relative lack of unsprung weight and controlled twin-tube open bath damper calmed trail feedback, allowing us to focus our attention further down the trail.</b>

<b>Aided by the Jade coil shock's use of a bladder instead of an IFP, front to rear balance was impressive. With minimal initial stiction, small bump sensitivity and the smooth transition from compression to rebound created a rear end with plenty of predictable grip.</b>

<b>In a time when other companies are dumbing down designs, DVO is providing massive adjustment ranges with the means to easily fine-tune as needed.</b>

<b>DVO kept Dave on his toes with a few blind tests. The changes were noticeable on the trail, even though they were often minor.</b>

<b>So what could be improved? Some of the adjustment knobs could be easier to turn with more pronounced detents.</b>

<b>Mud clearance is also a potential area for concern.</b>

<b>Finally, the lower crown pinch bolts may present an issue on some frames, though there were no clearance concerns on the Trek Session 9.9.</b>

<b>On the Jade, the loader compression assembly can easily be removed from the reservoir body to access the shims. From there, you can adjust the shim stack.</b>

<b>Maintenance and disassembly was seemingly very easy. Everything is well-thought-out for the tinkerers amongst us.</b>

<b>Much like the shock, the fork's compression circuit can be easily disassembled and revalved, or it can be swapped out for an entirely separate, pre-tuned piston assembly. DVO will provide aftermarket tuning kits as well.</b>

<b>DVO plans to offer substantial tuning support so riders can feel comfortable taking tuning into their own hands.</b>

<b>Tuning feedback and advice is expected to be available at your finger tips.</b>

<b>What's the bottom line? DVO's well-executed inverted Emerald design and readily-available adjustments combine to create a fork that is quickly tunable to any terrain. The action is incredibly smooth and predictable while offering support and taking the edge off in a way the we haven't experienced before. The Jade follows suit, and is a fitting, well-balanced match.</b>

<b>Outside of our test session, Junior has been hard at work finalizing tunes and tweaks for production.</b>

<b>Junior's positive findings in the mud help to alleviate one area of concern.</b>

<b>A little bit of compliance can go a long way.</b>

<b>Durability wise, Junior's use of the same seals and bushings for several months is encouraging. We'll be long-term testing to verify.</b>

<b>Cedric Gracia's own immediate impressions were very positive.</b>

<b>A few recent changes have resulted from CG's feedback, which was taken into serious consideration by the DVO team.</b>

<b>Again, the inverted design and OTT adjustment made a big difference for CG, even at the World Cup level.</b>

<b>"I think the fork saved my face!"</b>

<b>It's go time. With production of the Emerald just weeks away, the design team is shifting gears and will soon introduce an Enduro fork. Jade production will happen around November.</b>

<b>Built off a solid history in the suspension business, DVO's offerings represent a welcome shift towards increased rider knowledge, tunability, and ease of maintenance. </b>

<b>With a focus on high-end products and suspension education, DVO is looking to stir things up. After a few days of riding, we think they've pulled it off in a big way...</b>

<b>For more details, visit <u><a href="http://www.dvosuspension.com/" target="_blank">www.dvosuspension.com</a></u>.</b>

The arrival of the new DVO Suspension products has been more anticipated than any other suspension in recent history. We were given the exclusive opportunity to try it out for first time in Whistler, BC. What follows is an in-depth recount of our two-day ride experience, with initial impressions from Dave Trumpore, Bryson Martin Jr. and Cedric Gracia. Grab a cup of joe, sit back, and get your learn on. Following countless hours of Pro rider and in-house testing, DVO has finalized their designs and will be taking things to production in the coming weeks, starting with the Emerald fork. Get pumped! It's finally here.

DVO Emerald Fork Highlights

- 203mm travel
- Inverted design
- Carbon Torsion Arch (CTA) to improve torsional stiffness
- Air spring with adjustable 'Off The Top' negative coil spring
- 41 to 42mm tapered 7000 series aluminum upper legs
- 36mm 7000 series stanchions with molybdenum disulphide coating
- 20mm forged magnesium dropouts
- Twin-tube open bath damper
- External high and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments
- Easy to remove bottom loader compression assembly
- Available in green or black
- MSRP $2,200

DVO Jade Coil Shock Highlights

- External high and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments
- 14mm alloy shaft
- Forged CNC housing
- Reservoir with bladder vs traditional IFP
- Loader compression assembly can easily be removed to access shims
- Sizes will include 10.5x3.5, 9.5x3, 8.75x2.75, 8.5x2.5 and 7.875x2.25-inches
- MSRP TBD, but in-between the FOX DHX RC4 and Cane Creek Double Barrel

DVO plans to offer a package deal if both products are purchased together. Distribution in North America will be dealer direct from DVO USA.

Photos by Lear Miller - www.dvosuspension.com
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  • btuckwell

    5/23/2014 3:00 PM

    Hi DVO! You say you will do a deal if you buy both products but will do a deal for people who already have Emerald forks? I honestly cant wait for the Jade.

  • walkinwiki

    8/24/2013 9:23 AM

    Looks awesome, waiting for you guys to make an XC/TRAIL fork!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/24/2013 9:16 PM

    Coming next, xc trail, 120-140mm, 29"!

  • mrpowerjd

    8/23/2013 12:46 AM

    When you build the Diamond, please please pretty please give us a 29 fork in the 140-150 range with 20mm axle!! For heavier aggressive riders like me who love their 29er and race them for Enduro events, being limited to the 15mm axle option for a serious fork really, really sucks. DVO rocks; Emerald replacing Boxxer WC on my M9 shortly!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/23/2013 10:07 AM

    Thanks buddy! We will definitely keep that in mind when working on the long travel 29" fork, if we go with an inverted design it will definitely have a 20mm axle. Hope to have ya as a customer soon and we will make sure you are 100% supported! Cheers, DVO

  • Hooters

    8/23/2013 12:18 AM

    Cant wait, when are they going to be sold in Aus? and does the shock need specific tuning for the frame though? Ive been waiting for suspension like this for ages!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/23/2013 10:08 AM

    Hey Hooters, NS Dynamics will be our distributor in Aussie and forks should be there within the next month! Thanks again and hope to have ya as a customer soon! Cheers, DVO

  • judgerider68

    8/22/2013 6:18 PM

    i have an '07 888 world cup fork AND a fox 40 kashima.. selling them both for an emerald !!!!!! ( hopefully i can get my hands on one) i see nothing but GREAT things for you all at DVO !!!!!!!!!!!!! want you guys to become # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way the 888 has been GREAT. the 40 not so much..

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 8:46 PM

    Thanks a ton for your awesome words! We are stoked to have you as a proud owner of the Emerald, we will make sure you are happy with our products with 100% support from the DVO team! Thanks again, DVO!

  • DaveMK

    8/22/2013 12:32 PM

    DVO - Do you guys have an estimated production launch date for the new Diamond Enduro fork? I would love to pick up a 160mm 26" fork from you guys if it is going to be available before next spring. If not, I'll buy a new Pike and be insanely jealous when your fork hits the market.

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 12:45 PM

    Dave, we plan on getting the new Diamond out around April of next year, hopefully that fits into your window so you don't have to buy a Pike! We will keep everyone informed via our FB on exactly when the Diamond will be ready for production. Cheers, DVO!

  • onenerdykid*

    8/22/2013 12:30 AM

    mmm drooooool...

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 6:30 AM


  • Maverickdh005

    8/21/2013 10:04 PM

    Just heads up on the Enduro fork DVO please maket it both 15mm and 20mm compatible and 26" optiom, Id prefer 160mm, optional travel adjust but internal only dont compromise performance like say a shitty Talas, use a a pin system similar to say XFusion or somethng better use would also be cool, pse don't use plastic spacers like Fox. Thats the worst crappiest system going, XFs pin system is sic! Ability to do changes like the Emerald with out losing oil etc would also be wikid no doubt already thought of, I could see many similar features on a SC inverted DVO Enduro fork!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 6:29 AM

    Thanks for the info, we are definitely headed in your direction with the new Diamond Enduro fork! Cheers, DVO

  • mrmizzle5

    8/22/2013 9:26 AM

    any chance you got a matching rear shock getting sketched up to match that diamond fork?

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 9:46 AM

    Of course we do! Balance between the front and rear is really important (to us at least) and we will have a high performance enduro style race shock to match the Diamond 160. Cheers, DVO

  • 'size

    8/22/2013 9:53 AM

    please use actual compression adjustments (i'm assuming this will be an air sprung shock) and none of this ctd, floodgate, platform nonsense.

  • Albe23

    8/21/2013 9:48 PM

    I have very limited use for either the Jade or Emerald, living in FL does that to a person. But I still want them so bad. Can't wait for something in the 150mm area.

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 6:26 AM

    Thanks Albe23, Enduro fork is coming soon!

  • Maverickdh005

    8/21/2013 9:06 PM

    Sic, if buying a DH fork now, Id def be waiting for this, the support info setup options tunning all sell it for me, cant wait for the Enduro fork, DVO get this customer service tunning sorted, then big boys are going to be feeling the pain, Id rather pay more up front and get those options than continually be disappointed by the crap and hoops I have to jump through on my current stuff that is continually a disapointment and for that they are, they are the ones over priced, so I have no issue with DVOs pricing if it delivers, very exciting times in suspension right now.

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 6:28 AM

    Thanks buddy, definitely going to have some great tuning help available as well as service info for everyone. We gotta keep the big boys on their toes! Cheers, DVO

  • mrmizzle5

    8/21/2013 5:34 PM

    As a long time shop monkey, I'm very glad that a suspension company finally wants to educate the consumer, and make it easy to tune and work on their own suspension rather than shake them from their ankles. I really do not appreciate fox and rockshox, fox especially, making it next to impossible to get replacement parts directly from, even if you work in a shop that sells fox, but are not a certified fox suspension technician location. Some people are capable of working on their own damper assemblies instead of paying ridiculous amounts at "tuning specialists" that are 0/3 thus far on my issues. Three cheers for not having to jump through hoops to fix your own bike!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/21/2013 6:06 PM

    Thanks buddy! When we first sat down to design the product we took all the past years of experience working in the suspension business biggest headaches into account. Suspension tuning and service was a large issue and we wanted to design a great product that was easy to understand and service when needed. So many riders are mechanically savvy and it's quite an easy task taking the products apart, we will offer a lot of videos and tuning information on the web as well as stocking all the spare parts. In the end, we hope our customers will appreciate the forethought that went into the product while saving money in the long run. Cheers, DVO!

  • jeff.brines

    8/21/2013 4:42 PM

    Totally forgot Turman did that whole piece with a broken arm. Typing, editing photos, audio etc had to be a pain!!

  • DVO Suspension

    8/21/2013 4:45 PM

    He was a trooper, you could see the pain in his eyes but he never sat down to chill. Dedication to the job all the way!

  • Randy_Geniec

    8/21/2013 4:12 PM

    Cedric- "I think the fork saved my face".. classic

  • DVO Suspension

    8/21/2013 3:46 PM

    Jumpman, the Jade doesn't have as many expensive parts on it as the Emerald does so the price will be in line with the competition. We tried to get the Emerald as low as possible, but after we added a few more details to get the added performance boost the price increased a bit. Cheers, DVO

  • jumpman2334

    8/22/2013 9:06 AM

    no worries, just a bit of a surprise when i was expecting to see one price, and you see something that's higher than what you were told.. although, to be fair, i did ask a while ago.. no worries though, not like you guys arent going to move these anyways.. its also nice to see someone from DVO always chiming in on the comments and stuff.. should make anyone feel good who plans on buying one of these! (in terms of support)

  • DVO Suspension

    8/22/2013 9:22 AM

    Its good to hear what people like and don't like, we have our ideas on what to make but its important to have everyone's feedback and blend the two together! Its amazing that companies don't pay more attention to what people are saying or complaining about, we will always be in touch with our customer base! Cheers, DVO

  • jumpman2334

    8/21/2013 3:42 PM

    '- MSRP TBD, but in-between the FOX DHX RC4 and Cane Creek Double Barrel'

    gonna have to call BS on this.. i asked them 3-4 months ago about the pricing on the emerald fork and Bryson replied to me and said 'around the same area as WC boxxer/40'.. and we all know the msrp on those puppies.

  • 'size

    8/22/2013 8:51 AM

    and that kids, is why you don't compare fork prices to rear shock prices.

  • jumpman2334

    8/22/2013 9:05 AM

    'its the principle'

  • ryan_daugherty

    8/21/2013 3:39 PM

    I should have been taking notes. Felt like I just went to school.

  • DVO Suspension

    8/21/2013 3:47 PM

    Thanks Ryan! Cheers, DVO

  • bjenson

    8/21/2013 3:34 PM

    i've been waiting for this for a long time. good stuff all-around. can't wait to get my hands dirty with some tuning.

  • DVO Suspension

    8/21/2013 3:47 PM

    Thanks! We will give ya lots of info to help you and Ronnie is only a phone call away to help ya! Cheers, DVO

  • jeff.brines

    8/21/2013 2:53 PM

    Turman Blackbox Levers!!

  • shovel1st

    8/21/2013 3:57 PM

    Being a pro industry dudebro has its perks!

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