ENDURO ACTION: Conclusion of the Enduro World Series at Trestle Bike Park 6

<b>Tracy Moseley dominated the day and the weekend once again, and so long as their isn't a pond crossing at the next round in Whistler, I don't think it will be easy for anyone to break her winning streak.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Miles and minutes of gnarly racing don't make Tracy shake in her boots, but the pond crossing does!</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Mister Enduro, Jerome Clementz showed no weakness and no mercy, winning by a huge margin here at Trestle Bike Park...</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>...and just as Fabien was thrown in the ocean after round 1 in Punta Ala, Jerome gets a dip in the not-so-crystal-clear pond.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Action courtesy of Shimano and Tom Teller</b>

<b>The weather machine finally broke and seemed to be working in reverse for the last Stage of the Enduro World Series at Trestle Bike Park. Instead of sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon we awoke to clouds and cold rain.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>It was raining cats and dogs when I arrived in the pits, and apparently this one came prepared with his own rain jacket.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Up the chairlift and into the fog went the racers, while some of us media folk may or may not have hitched a ride inside a nice warm truck #spiritofenduromediashuttles</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The start of Stage 5 was above the lifts once again, and Nico Vouilloz was already walking the track when we arrived. With only a few seconds between him and 3rd place Fabien Barel, he knew every second would count on this long, rough stage.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The fast line for most was outside here, but Nico managed to cut it off to the inside, foot up and faster than the rest with the same style that won him 10 DH World Championships. </b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The untold, or maybe not-so-obvious story of the weekend was Jared Graves. Don't be fooled by his overall placing due to a mechanical on Stage 2. With a 2nd on Stage 3 and wins in Stages 1, 4, and 5, he dominated the weekend and will carry that confidence to the next round in Whistler.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Nicolas Lau finally had a strong result on Stage 5, but it was too late to make up any real ground in the overall.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Action courtesy of Shimano and Tom Teller</b>

<b>Stage 5 was a long one with a good mix of natural and man-made terrain. For bike park trails, many of the stages had the feel of natural trail riding, and they were definitely rough enough to tax the suspension to its limit.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Anne Caroline could never catch Tracy Moseley today, but she finished 2nd overall and is getting stronger and stronger after a season complicated by injury.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Anneke Beerten claimed 3rd today and her first podium of the series. It didn't come easy, as she started the day with two very fit women just two seconds behind her. She dug deep in the technical areas of the track to keep her advantage.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Rain in Colorado means one thing.... Hero Dirt</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The technical bits in the middle of Stage 5 were very twisty and narrow with riders just inches from the trees. This is the one that bloodied my knuckles on Stage 1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who took a sample.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Bike park style after 7-minutes of rough downhill earn this mystery rider a spot in the slideshow.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Action courtesy of Shimano and Tom Teller</b>

<b>The finish line was a flat-out affair punctuated by HUGE braking bumps into the last two corners. Tired arms meant more than a few people came loose here. Spencer Powlison holds on till the bitter end.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Joey Schulser and his vintage Yeti jersey started in 4th today and ended up in 6th for the weekend.Not bad for a video jockey. Just hours after the race, Joey sent us Jared's race journal entry, too. #hardworkingmamajama. It's also of note that my brother owned this same jersey back when it was brand new.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>This one looks expensive, but it's still rolling, and in accordance with EWS rules can't be changed.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Fabien Barel rules. Out of his element all weekend, he still finished with a smile on his face and 3rd place overall behind Jerome and Nico.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Every race is an experience and he takes more with him, knowing there are many stages left in the EWS battle.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>Media access to riders is getting out of control these days. Queued up behind 50% Parkin Bros and EWS Director, Chirs Ball, I had to settle for a picture of a picture of a video of Fabien.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>16 year old Martin Maes started off a bit slow this weekend but would pull himself back into the Top 10 by the close of Stage 5.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>It was Martin's first time ever racing in America and his first time ever riding clipped in! Keep an eye on this kid.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The best part of being part of the media for Enduro is that you get to rip around on all the courses, during practice and during the race. 50% Parkin Bros and I had an absolute blast and spent all weekend on our bikes.</b> -Dave Trumpore

<b>The 4th round of the Enduro World Series is in the books. Cheers to everyone that came out to race, spectate and volunteer. We all had a great time.</b> -Dave Trumpore (THANKS TO DAVE FOR THE EPIC PHOTOS AND STORYTELLING FROM WINTER PARK! WELL DONE.)

Jerome Clementz and Tracy Moseley hold on to take the Enduro World Series victories at Trestle Bike Park in Colorado. Battling rain, mechanicals and high altitude, the 4th round of the EWS finished in dramatic fashion with a taxing gravity-oriented Stage 5. Soak up the action from Dave Trumpore in Colorado with killer video footage provided by Tom Teller and Shimano.

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  • Headshot

    7/30/2013 4:38 AM

    Only prob is the EWS aint concluded - not by a long shot. Whistler and then 2 more in Euro land.

  • Daniel Dunn Photo

    7/29/2013 6:57 PM

    outstanding work Dave!

  • TimBud

    7/30/2013 12:41 AM

    Great coverage guys. Thank you.

  • Zoro

    7/29/2013 5:27 PM

    I wonder why they didn't run the 1st stage chainless and do a stagger start on stage 5 based on accumulated times of the previous stages? I did the race last year with that format and it was hella fun + mixed things up a bit.

  • Nicholast

    7/30/2013 11:49 AM

    I wondered that too. The fact that the race is now on the EWS probably had something to do with the absence of a chainless stage. As for our start order, they probably kept same numeric sequence to make timing easier. It was easy to line riders up when the numbers were in order. Also, my folks liked the numeric order because they knew about when I would be coming down based on the number plates of other riders.

  • thomas.mitchell.0758

    7/29/2013 2:51 PM

    Mystery Rider = Mark Scott I think

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