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Crankworx Giant Dual Slalom Action Gallery 2

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Crankworx Giant Dual Slalom Action Gallery - Crankworx Giant Dual Slalom Action - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

In the early rounds Danny Hart was only being chased by his shadow. The race got off to a rough start with Greg Watts going down hard on this particular feature. He tried to scrub the jump, but clipped his rear wheel and tumbled down the long, steep backside of the landing and was carted off. Heal up Watts! Eventually the race was back on track on the fun, creative course, a step above previous slalom courses at Crankworx. A misty rain kept the finals interesting and when the runs were complete, Jill Kintner and Mitch Ropelato took home victories and Danny Hart, above, had a solid 3rd place. Credit: Dave Trumpore

Crankworx Giant Dual Slalom Action

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