Conference Call: Details Behind the Five Ten Acquisition by adidas 6

Why sell Five Ten? Charles Cole (left), the Founder and President of Five Ten, fills us in on why adidas was the perfect match. He and Rolf Reinschmidt (right), the Senior Vice President adidas Outdoor, met back in January to kickstart the deal.

Charles and Rolf seal it with a handshake. They were all smiles when the deal came to a close.

Charles, Mary, Adrienne, and Dave are all part of the Five Ten family. adidas now joins the family, too, but you "won't see them from the outside."

It's not a celebration unless there's cake. Note the slight change to Five Ten's tag line. Clever!

Little Lisa gets in on the festivities, too.

These riders (and others) all helped to shape Five Ten's role within the MTB industry. Where will the company be five years from now? We'll have to wait and see for certain, but there's a very good chance MTB will still be a big focus.

What about the athletes? Five Ten and Adidas will continue to support and work with the sport's best names, like 2011 World Champ, Danny Hart. - Photo by Sven Martin

The adidas / Five Ten crew holds their glasses high. Here's to bright future, guys. We're excited for you!

Five Ten was very recently sold to the adidas Group for $25 Million. Naturally we had a few questions about the deal, so we rang up a few key players at both brands. This slideshow contains the important excerpts from that conversation.
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