Canyons Bike Park Opening Day 1

<b>Eric Porter breaks in the big wallride at the Canyons Bike Park opening day.</b> - Photos and Videos by Ross Downard

Big Boostin'

<b>Just 40 minutes from Salt Lake City, The Canyons is a staple ski area in the winter and is now stoking out downhillers with their bike park.</b>

<b>The crew is ready for some shredding on the freshly opened Rally Cat trail.</b>

<b>The lift trays are proof that they're serious about serving mountain bikers in the summer time.</b>

<b>An unknown shredder takes the big lip on Rally Cat.</b>

<b>Eric Porter is a local up in these parts. A signture P-Tucky table for maximum stoke points.</b>

Transfer Complete!

<b>Beau Hennings whippin' off the wood.</b>

<b>Beau Hennings, Carston Oliver, Colin Lund and Eric Porter rally on Rally Cat.</b>

<b>Insert freight train noise here.</b>

Rally Cat Freight Train

<b>Carston Oiiver no-foot can on the left, freight train crew on the right.</b> -Ross Downard

<b>Beau Hennings and Colin Lund flick left while Carston Oliver tilts right.</b> -Ross Downard

Pop it like it's hot!

<b>Airtime abounds at Canyons. Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for more info on this gem outside Salt Lake City.</b>

Take a ride with Eric Porter and friends as they experience the Canyons Bike Park 2012 season opening day.
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1 comment
  • Krispy

    7/4/2012 4:18 PM

    Just got home from Canyons! Super fun!