Cam McCaul and Ronnie Renner - FOX Freeride Face-off Behind the Scenes 3

Words by Cam McCaul, photographs by Justin Olsen

<b>The sun sets down faster than Cam McCaul talks.</b>

<b>Scenes from Ronnie Renner's 17 Questions, coming soon.</b>

<b>Stay tuned for the Freeride Faceoff Video dropping on Vital MTB next week.</b>

FOX conspires with Cam McCaul and Ronnie Renner and heads to the desert for a Moto / MTB video project which was captured on high-tech 4k cinema rigs. Throw in a helicopter and choreographed moves and the result is going to be epic. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at FOX's Freeride Face-off video as Cam and Ronnie lay down fresh tracks near Virgin, Utah.

Words by Cam McCaul, Photographs by Justin Olsen

Check out the Freeride Faceoff video below!