Pro Bike Check: Casey Coffman's Felt Virtue LTD 7

<b>Do-it-all shredder, Casey Coffman, introduces you to his Felt Virtue LTD</b> -by Tim Zimmerman

<b>Casey is 5'10" and rides a medium. The Virture comes in S, M, L, and XL sizes.</b>

<b>Felt's UHC Ulimate+ Nano carbon frames are incredibly technical. UHC stands for Ultra Hybrid Carbon which feature a hybrid blend of high modulus raw carbon fiber. The stiffest fibers are used in certain areas of the frame, more durable fibers in others. Nano refers to a proprietary resin matrix that increases frame strength at the molecular level.</b>

<b>The Felt Virtue has adjustable travel from 120-130mm.</b>

<b>Felt uses their patented Equilink suspension design to isolate active working suspension from drivetrain or braking influence.</b>

<b>X-Fusion suspension front and rear. Up front is a 140mm travel Velvet with 15mm thru-axle and an O2 RCX rear air shock.</b>

<b>Dragging some bars! Casey does it all on his Virtue, so his suspension gets adjusted accordingly.</b>

<b>Casey runs ethirteen XCX+ cranks and a TRS+ chainguide (he says SRS in audio, but it's a TRS+). At the Ashland Oregon Enduro, he ran a 38t ring to keep from spinning out.</b>

<b>The Forumla R1 brakes have so much power that Casey is only running 6-inch rotors front and rear.</b>

<b>Casey is picky about his brakes, specifically lever placement and throw.</b>

<b>Tried and true. The Gravity Dropper Turbo adjustable seat post keeps the ride height right.</b>

<b>Pretty rad! An old v-brake noodle keeps the routing on his Gravity Dropper nice and tidy.</b>

<b>The Virtue has built-in mounts for cable routing. Casey used the mount to fasten a guide made for electrical wires to keep his seat post cable secure but free.</b>

<b>You know Casey means business with a stem like this Sunline!</b>

<b>Casey switches tires depending on conditions. At Ashland, he ran pretty aggressive tires to handle the wet conditions.</b>

<b>His new Shimano 10-speed cassette makes running the single ring up front a lot more manageable than in previous years.</b>

<b>The Wippermann Connex chain in "gold" color, LOL. Shred it and forget it.</b>

<b>WTB Laser Disc trail wheels may not be the lightest, but they keep Casey rolling. He runs tubes to keep his frequent tire changes easy.</b>

<b>Aside from dialing in his seat post cable routing, Casey had one other mod at Ashland...a DIY tube fender.</b>

<b>Thanks Casey! For more information on the Felt Virture LTD, check out <a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#ffff00"></font></a></b>

Casey Coffman slays the Oregon Enduro Series on his new Felt Virtue LTD and gives you some insight into this carbon beauty.
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  • rb716

    7/18/2012 10:06 PM

    Yeah Casey! That Virtue is a fine-lookin' bike.

  • devin-m

    7/18/2012 5:47 PM

    So Coffman, If I win an A's race does that make me 'Pro'?

  • F.Prefect

    7/18/2012 9:26 PM

    Well.....I guess you should win an A race and see what happens.

  • swilson669

    7/18/2012 1:42 PM

    coffman is a beast

  • scriz

    7/18/2012 12:24 PM

    So I was curious about this Equilink... did some googling and came up with a bunch of 5 year old threads about how they stole the idea from Kavik cycles. Anyone know the skinny?

  • McGillicutty

    7/18/2012 2:13 PM

    Though the technologies share a very similar look, the two systems operate quite differently. Felt’s Equilink suspension system is a Six-bar linkage design. Six-bar linkage designs have been utilized as far back as 1876 and were certainly nothing new to the suspension world when Felt set out to develop our own version roughly 130 years later. As there are many variations of Single-pivot, Four-bar linkage, and other suspension systems in our industry, Equilink is Felt’s unique application of a Six-bar linkage design, tailored to achieve Felt’s desired performance characteristics. It is not unusual for engineers in any industry, at any point in history, trying to solve the same problems while armed with similar knowledge and resources, to find similar-looking solutions. Any perceived similarities between Felt’s Equilink and other Six-bar linkage designs are purely superficial. Unique and patented, Felt is proud of the award-winning performance Equilink has delivered since 2006.

  • royalbomber

    7/18/2012 12:11 PM

    that chain is neat

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