Bike Check: Cannondale Jekyll with Jerome Clementz 4

Jerome is a smooth consistent and smart racer, which is what you have to be in MTB stage racing. Winner of Enduro Nations and the French Enduro series, he just won the Trans Provence on his 29lb Cannondale Jekyll by just 46 seconds, after seven days and 24 stages. <b>By Sven Martin</b>

Jerome's Jekyll can adjust from 90 to 150mm of rear travel via the Fox DYAD RT2 dual shock.

With most of the stages of the Trans Provence being downhill, Jerome stayed in 'Flow' mode (150mm), but would switch his rear travel to 90mm or 'Elevate' mode during climbing.

A 170mm RockShox Lyrik R2C DH slackens the head angle to 66.5-degrees. This also raises the bottom bracket height, something Jerome prefers for pedaling.

The bike weighs in around 29lbs, depending on tire choice. For the Trans Provence, he opted for a 22/38 dual ring set up.

The 22/38 ring size is quite a stretch, but Jerome rarely shifts up front. He stays in the 38t ring and only drops to the little ring during transitional climbs between stages or if he's really hurting.

A SRAM 10-speed 11-36 cluster keeps his gear range versatile so he can stay in the 38t front ring as much as possible.

Crank Brothers Candy pedals do not have platforms, but that's what Jerome prefers.

Jerome learned the Reverb wrap technique from his peer Rene Wildhaber and it seems to be working well.

The Factory Cannondale rider knows that dependable tires and pressures will keep you racing. He runs a tubeless setup on Mavic Crossmax ST wheels with DH tires when the terrain calls for it. If the terrain complies, he'll run a faster-rolling rear tire.

Mavic Crossmax ST wheels kept Jerome on the trail the entire 24 stages of the Trans Provence.

750mm bars (not 7500mm : ) with 'soft, big and large' grips keep the hands happy for days of riding.

SRAM XX disc brakes with 180mm rotors work together for light weight, but also maximum braking power during long descents.

Consistency, strategy and calculation make Jerome the one to watch during any enduro event.

Jerome enjoys a good beer (or two) just like the rest of us after another special day of racing.

Check out the final day of the Trans Provence, where Jerome made up time over Nico to take the victory. Video courtesy of Trans Provence.

2011 Trans Provence winner, Jerome Clementz tells you the story of his Cannondale Jekyll enduro racing bike.
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  • avonmagic

    2/23/2012 4:38 AM

    I have just the solution for Jerome's seat post cable routing - cable solutions

  • NateAdams

    10/10/2011 9:29 PM

    Dang! Bike has more cables than a home entertainment system...

  • MW

    10/10/2011 6:38 PM

    +1 great interview Sven

  • ride

    10/10/2011 2:07 PM

    Yo Sven, thanks for producing a bike check that actually show's Jerome's bike!!! Watched the Dirt one, and it may as well have been an 'audio check'.
    Although Jonsey was probably still cross-eyed from the weeks effort so I won't hold it against him...

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