A Day in the Life: Brendan Fairclough and Andrew Neethling 3

Spend a day with Brendan Fairclough and Andrew Neethling between Fort William and Mont Sainte Anne. <b>Slideshow by Grant Robinson</b>

A little heckling goes a long way when working out.

Matt Warner runs a gym near Farnham, Surrey where Brendan trains. Neethling uses the facility to keep his program running.

Sometimes it seems like there's more training than actual riding.

Neethling getting huge.

In the end, the training is all worth it as the riders need to stay healthy during crashes in addition to having the strength to compete at the top level.

Alan Milway (not pictured) developed Andrew's training program. Milway helps the Giant Factory Off-Road team and keeps Neethling on track during the season.

Sometimes there's just too much gym time it seems...

Needles and Brendog respect Dan Atherton's planking ability.


Work hard, play hard, plank hard. I think you know what's going on here...

Brendan's guns...

Enough of the gym

It's off to the mini bikes!

Now this is training...

Needles wishing they were back in the gym?

TTR country!

Good times had by all.

TTR death gap!

No hander, no worries. S4P or something.

The end of the day draws near.

And wraps up with a well-deserved beer and dinner.

The 2012 World Cup season is underway and the training continues between Fort William and Mont Sainte Anne...but so does the fun for Andrew Neethling and Brendan Fairclough!
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  • maxturnip

    6/22/2012 11:31 AM

    do i hear the lostprophets playing in the background

  • Gweggy

    6/20/2012 12:44 AM

    I get his point, you can't win without training, but you have to be ready in your had and feel comfortable on your bike, so if he finds a good compromise between training and riding an having fun, that's probably the best way for him!

  • Patricio_Mercado

    6/19/2012 7:56 PM

    No pain no gain, if you light train you will never improve!

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